2022 College Specialist Tracker

Offers, Commitments, & Signings

Please review our list of offers & commitments below. To help us keep it current, please notify us of any offers or commitments that are not listed, confirmation of whether a commitment is scholarship or preferred walk-on (PWO), or clarification for combo kickers about what position a kicker has been recruited to play. All Ivy League (FCS), Pioneer League (FCS) and D3 offers are technically listed as PWO (as they do not offer athletic aid), but many of these schools still offer comparable financial aid packages. If you have a new commitment to add, please let us know, and, if an article has been published about the commitment, we'd love to link it. We like hometown newspaper articles, especially. If you are a specialist commit and would like a certain article linked, please let us know.

Current Offers
Chronological Order

Rino Monteforte, LS, University at Buffalo

Alex McPherson, K, University of Florida & University of Tennessee

Will Bettridge, K, Florida International University

Emanuel Dieppa, K, Trine University (PWO)

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