Apr 18

Why Hammer Kicking Academy Is the best camp In America

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I have been going to Rubio since 7th grade. I thought Rubio was the one and only best company until one day. I looked up Kicking and Snapping Camps and found Hammer Kicking Academy also known as HKA. I spoke with the owner Adam Tanalski and he sold me. I attended one of their day camps and it was amazing. It was not a large camp but the best part was that every snapper,kicker, and punter had their own one on one time with Adam and if I did not attend that camp, I would not be the snapper I am today. Following that I was invited to the National Top 40 Camp which is the biggest bargin in the K/P/LS World. One price of 875 which included ALL FOOD, UNDER ARMOR GEAR, 4 NIGHT HOTEL STAY, TRANSPORTATION TO AND FROM THE FIELD AND AIRPORT, AND THE BEST INSTRUCTION EVER! It was the best week of my life and cannot wait to go back this year. Adam and his staff cover everything from drill work to charting to recruiting to making you feel special. I promise you will not get this type of an experience anywhere in this country.The recruiting aspect is the most helpful. I can call Adam and say I wanna visit this school and within 3 days hell give me multiple dates that I can visit that school. I have nothing against Rubio because I have a very respectable ranking with him but Adam and his crew are gaming the world of specialists forever! If you read this please look up Hammer Kicking Academy on Google. I promise it will be worth your while.

Jun 27

Know of a totally extended BAD experience with that guy. promised discount and did not want to honor it. gave dates to training camp and when kid showed up (2+ hour drive) the training session was cancelled/moved to another date. Promises to call back kid that had real recruiting needs and just texts back that he is busy with some one else. plus other stuff that in my opinion was down right greasy. On the other hand others said he was good to them. YMMV. I personally would recommend Kohl's, and Sailer programs as in my opinion they have structural integrity in the program itself, but again everyone has their own Unique experience and I wish the best experience to all specialists.

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    Jun 27

    Anyone have a really good showcase for kickers with a lot of colleges attending for 2019? Thoughts on Chicagoland Kicking Showcase and what colleges maybe attending?
  • kickspot
    Feb 2, 2018

    The college camp list for summer 2018 is beginning to take shape. Please let me know if you discover a camp not on the list!
  • Tester
    Oct 7, 2017

    I see the Kohl's and Sailer camps starting up for Fall.....

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