Jun 12, 2017

Good Site to Keep Track of Offers

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Here is a link to a helpful site to keep track of offers. You can search by year and position. It does seem to updated regularly, although not weekly. Next update will be June 25.


Jun 18, 2017


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  • Tester
    5 days ago

    First of all, in my opinion/experience, if they don’t give you a full scholarship it means that they don’t believe in you. They give other positions scholarships and the guys end up sitting and not playing. Why don’t they tell all the QB’s to prove themselves and then maybe they will give some money next year, not happening. Somehow it is OK to crap on the specialists. That is just my opinion. Back to the meat of this topic, when to say NO to a scholarship. Before I get to the answer let it be known that not all kids have the same financial situation or geographical situation which play into decisions families make. If Pop’s has $$$ then a lot of what I have to say may not apply. Ok, with the new transfer rules, if you get ANY amount of $$$$ (read $1.00) scholarship from a school you can not play for another team in the same division (ex D1 to D1) without sitting out a year. So if the new coach says that you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread and gives you 0$ scholarship [PWO] , you can leave and immediately play for another team next fall (once you find out that you ain’t his guy next fall). If the coach gave your family ANY amount of $$$, your screwed and HAVE to STAY and PAY. If you feel you were lied to or 100% know that you are not getting a full ride scholarship (be realistic, if you not good no one will give you a full ride in D1), put yourself into the portal ASAP after the season is over. D2 schools do give full rides. In the world of specialists, you are treated like dirt (scholarship wise) so keep your options OPEN. Don’t put yourself into a position to miss playing a year because a coach verbally said “you’re my guy, next year”. Means nothing without the $$$ paperwork. NOTHING. There are exceptions to this and some coaches keep their word but they are far and few. The higher the division, D1 especially, the more you need to protect yourself. Just to repeat myself, not every specialist has the same circumstances and/or goals so if the above doesn’t fit your unique situation, do what fits your requirements. Good Luck
  • Tester
    5 days ago

    Hi, This post is for general knowledge. I am not saying it will happen to you but it is better to KNOW this happens that to learn it when it hurts you. Head Coaches lie…….. Expand the truth…………….. Perhaps conveniently forget to tell you the WHOLE picture or ALL the information, especially the information that may cost you $$$ or make you not chose their school. Before you jump all over me I understand that there are “honest” coaches out there but bet your parents wad of cash, the “other” coaches exist, Including at D1 level. Nothing that the coach tells you verbally means anything until it is in writing, NOTHING. They do this for a LIVING, they know how to manipulate BETTER THAN YOU. They have recruited for years and know what YOU need to hear to get you to the school. This includes telling you that you’re “my guy”, “We are not looking for anyone else”, just pay this year and I’ll put you on scholarship Next year (this is the big one). They will NEVER ask the 5 QB’s they recruited this year to “prove themselves” and maybe get a scholarship next year, but you as a kicker/punter/snapper get crapped on with this crap (PWO/walk on). I just seen another specialist go through this this season. Specialist was told that the team aren’t looking for any more specialists. Was told that he was “the guy”. Was told just pay the first semester (PWO) and the coach will “find some money” to help with the second semester. Was told several times that “all my starters are on scholarship” but failed to say nowhere close to 100%. School Kept on looking for specialists and found 3 more to PWO/walk on. Now that specialist is in a BIG problem if Daddy does not have deep pockets or an education fund to decimate. If that specialist trips and sprains an ankle going up the staircase to day 1 of camp in August, he is screwed. So in closing my point is: An offer in writing is gold, anything else isn’t worth the paper it isn’t written on. Do not be fooled by talk.
  • Tester
    Sep 20 Out of ALL the scholarships offered on signing DAY in the Whole CUSA conference ...................... **** 5 **** were kickers or Punters............ The coaches keep saying to the K/P/LS "earn your position" but I don't see many teams saying that to the QB, WR, Linemen or other positions. They all seem not to need to "earn your position"............. #NO2PWO

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