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2020 College Specialist Tracker

Offers, Commitments, & Signings

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Please review our list of offers & commitments organized by school. To help us keep it current, please notify us of new offers or commitments that are not listed. We actively seek confirmation about whether a commitment is scholarship or preferred walk-on (PWO), or clarification for combo kickers about what position a kicker has been recruited to play. All Ivy League (FCS), Pioneer League (FCS) and D3 offers are technically listed as PWO (as they do not offer athletic aid), but many of these schools still offer comparable financial aid packages. If an article has been published about your commitment, we'd love to link it. We like hometown newspaper articles, especially.

SIGNED means a signed National Letter of Intent or an institutional scholarship agreement.

COMMITTED means the player has signed an institutional PWO agreement or celebratory letter.

2020 Offer and Commitment List by Player




University of Cincinnati

     Cali Canaval, K (PWO)

     Chris Freeman, K (PWO)

University of Connecticut

East Carolina University

     Mitch Jeter, K

     Jax May, LS (PWO)

     Luke Laren, P SIGNED

​University of Houston

     Aidan Martin, K (PWO) COMMITTED

     Laine Wilkins, P SIGNED

​University of Memphis

     Mitch Jeter, K

     Andrew Suder, LS (PWO)


     Nick Barcelos, LS

     Kellen Grave de Peralta, P/K SIGNED

     Conor Hunt, K/P

     John Kirkpatrick, LS COMMITTED

     Kevin Thibodeaux, K SIGNED

     Cole Thompson, K SIGNED

     Evan Warren, K/P SIGNED

​Southern Methodist University

     Will Benton, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

     John Luke Roberts, LS (PWO)

University of South Florida

​Temple University

     Jake Seibert, K    

     Rory Bell, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

     Bryce Eimer, LS (PWO)

     Jacob Enns, P (PWO)

     William Leyland, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

     Lawrence Martinez, LS (PWO)

     Jake Torasco, K (PWO)

​Tulane University

     Cali Canaval, K (PWO)

     John Bergeron, LS (PWO)

     Parker Burleson, K (PWO)

     Logan Klotz, K/P (PWO)

     Ben Popko, K/P (PWO)

University of Tulsa

     Tyler Tipton, K SIGNED

​University of Central Florida

     Riley Stephens, K/P COMMITTED


Boston College

     Ben Sauls, K/P

Clemson University

     Byron Floyd, LS (PWO)

     Tanner Tessman, K SIGNED

Duke University

​Florida State University

     Jacob Zuhr, LS (PWO)

     Alex Mastromanno, P SIGNED

Georgia Tech

     Steven Verdisco, K (PWO) SIGNED

     Trevor Haire, P/K (PWO)

     Chase Gabriel, K/P (PWO)

University of Louisville

     Brock Travelstead, K/P SIGNED

     Graham Wald, K (PWO)

     Austin McCready, P/K (PWO)

​University of Miami

     Axel Lepvreau, K (PWO) COMMITTED

     Peter Moore, P/K (PWO)

University of North Carolina

     Joshua Karty, K

     Mitch Jeter, K (PWO)

     Beau Gardner, LS (PWO)

​North Carolina State University    

     Ian Williams, K/P SIGNED

     Will Mitchell, LS/OL (PWO)

University of Pittsburgh

     Cameron Guess, P/K COMMITTED

​Syracuse University

     James Williams, P/K SIGNED

University of Virginia

     Kyle Lowe, K/P (PWO)

     Will Benton, LS (PWO)

     Beau Gardner, LS (PWO)

     Levi Forrest, P/K (PWO)

Virginia Tech

     Kyle Lowe, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

     Holt Cloninger, K (PWO)

     Mitch Jeter, K (PWO)

     Danny King, LS (PWO)

     Kaulin Parris, P/K (PWO)

     Evan Warren, K/P (PWO)

     Spencer Triplett, LS (PWO)

     Peter Moore, P/K (PWO)

Wake Forest University

     Jacob Zuhr, LS SIGNED

     Will Mitchell, OL/LS (PWO)

BIG 10

University of Illinois

Indiana University

     Chris Freeman, K COMMITTED

University of Iowa

     Aaron Blom, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

     Jack Van Dyke, K (PWO)

     Gavin Meyers, P (PWO)

University of Maryland

     Peter Moore, P/K (PWO)

     Hunter Patrick, K (PWO) COMMITTED

University of Michigan

     Gregory Tarr, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

     Cole Hussung, K (PWO)

     Luke Akers, K (PWO)

     Peter Moore, P/K, K (PWO)

​Michigan State University

     Jake Seibert, K

     Jake Olsen, K SIGNED

​University of Minnesota

     Duncan McKinley, LS (PWO)

     Dragan Kesich, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

     Mark Crawford, P SIGNED

     Matthew Stephenson, P (graduate transfer from Middle Tennessee State) COMMITTED

​University of Nebraska

     Dominik Stadlman, K/P (PWO)

     Edward Delinger, K/P (PWO)

     Nelson Pipes, LS (PWO)

     Reis Vernon, K (PWO)

     Chase Contreraz, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

     Taiten Winkel, K/P (PWO)

Northwestern University

     Will Halkyard, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

     Hunter Renner, P (PWO) COMMITTED

​Ohio State University

     Jake Seibert, K (PWO) SIGNED

     August Drews, LS (PWO)

​Penn State University

     Levi Forrest, P/K (PWO) COMMITTED

     Michael Munoz, LS/TE (PWO)

     Peter Moore, P/K (PWO)

Purdue University

     Edward Dellinger, K (PWO)

     Chris Freeman, K (PWO)

Rutgers University

​University of Wisconsin

     Duncan McKinley, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

     Jack Van Dyke, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

BIG 12

Baylor University

     Bryce Eimer, LS (PWO)

     Daniel Hawthorne, LS (PWO)

     Bryce Boland, K COMMITTED

Iowa State University

     Aaron Blom, K (PWO)

     Koby Hathcock, LS SIGNED

     Dragan Kesich, K (PWO)

     Trent McCann, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

University of Kansas

     Zach Schmit, K (PWO)

     Reis Vernon, P/K (PWO)

Kansas State University

     Taiten Winkel, K/P COMMITTED

​University of Oklahoma

     Will Reichard, K/P

Oklahoma State University

     Zach Schmit, K (PWO)

Texas Christian University

​University of Texas

     Jared Zirkel, K, (PWO)

     Jake Ruiz, K (PWO)

     Tanner Cragun, K (PWO)

Texas Tech University

​West Virginia University

     Evan Fuller, K/P (PWO)

     Danny King, K (PWO) COMMITTED

     Kaulin Parris, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

     Cameron Guess, P/K (PWO)

     Peter Moore, P/K (PWO)


University of Alabama Birmingham

​Florida International University

     Chase Gabriel, K/P SIGNED

Florida Atlantic University

​Louisiana Tech University

​Marshall University

     Kobie Stillwell, K (PWO)

     Tyler Shaw, LS (PWO)

     Levi Forrest, P/K

Middle Tennessee State University

     Will Benton, LS (PWO)

University of North Carolina Charlotte

     Ian Williams, K/P

University of North Texas

Old Dominion University

     Ethan Duane, P SIGNED

Rice University

​University of Southern Mississippi

     Axel Lepvreau, K

​University of Texas El Paso

     Angelo Tejada, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

​University of Texas San Antonio

     Evertt Ornstein, K/P SIGNED

     Beau Gardner, LS (PWO)

Western Kentucky University

     Jake Bowman, LS (PWO


University of Akron

     Jake Seibert, K

Ball State University

     Brayden Johnson, P/K (PWO) COMMITTED  (reclassified from 2019)

     Aaron Porter, LS (PWO)

​Bowling Green State University

     Gregory Tarr, LS, (PWO)

     Matthew Paull, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

     Jack Bullard, LS, (PWO)

     Kyle Rhonehouse, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED  (reclassified from 2019)

University at Buffalo

​Central Michigan University

     Marshall Meeder, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

​Eastern Michigan University

​Kent State University

     Byron Floyd, LS (PWO)

     Cameron Guess, P/K

     Cameron Creechan, K/P (PWO)

Miami University (OH)

     Gregory Tarr, LS (PWO)

     Jack Olsen, K

     Dominic Dzioban, K SIGNED

Northern Illinois University

     Cole Riebe, P/K (PWO)

Ohio University

     Jack Wilson, P SIGNED

     Sam Volpe, LS (PWO)

University of Toledo

     Bryce Eimer, LS (PWO)

     Byron Floyd, LS (PWO)

     Gregory Tarr, LS (PWO)

     Cameron Guess, P/K (PWO)

Western Michigan University


Air Force Academy

     Colby Cox, LS

     Durham Harris, LS SIGNED

     Fabrizio Pinton, K/P COMMITTED

     Troy Sicaeros, LS SIGNED

     Chris Freeman, K

     Jacob Garcia, LS

     Albert Jang, K/P

     Jude Kelly, K

     Logan Klotz, K/P

     R.J. Lopez, K

     Hunter Renner, P

     Wesley Schelling, LS

     Zach Schmit, K

     Jack Seibert, K

     Brock Travelstead, K/P

     Reis Vernon, P/K

     James Williams, K/P   

     Michael Wright, LS

     Jared Zirkel, K/P

     Nick Barcelos, LS

     Cooper Charlton, LS

​Boise State University

     Keola Downing, P/K (PWO)

Colorado State University

     Peyton Hogan, LS (PWO)

​Fresno State University

     Michael Munoz, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

​University of Hawaii

     James Williams, K/P

     Matthew Shipley, K/P SIGNED

University of Nevada

     Colby Cox, LS (PWO)

     Nick Barcelos, LS (PWO)

     Charlie Pollock, P/K (PWO) SIGNED

University of New Mexico

​San Diego State University

     Peter Moore P/K (PWO)

​San Jose State University

     Elijah Fischer, P (PWO) COMMITTED

​University of Nevada Las Vegas

​Utah State University

     Jacob Garcia, LS (PWO)

     Ryan Marks, P (PWO)

     R.J. Lopez, K (PWO)

     Stephen Kotsanlee, P SIGNED

     Peyton Hogan, LS (PWO)

University of Wyoming

     Brock Travelstead, K/P


University of Arizona

     Tyler Loop, K SIGNED

     Parker Lewis, K/P

     Kameron Hawkins, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

     Jack Bullard, LS (PWO)

Arizona State University

​University of California

     Jamieson Sheahan, P SIGNED

​University of Colorado

     Tommy Christakos, K/WR

​University of Oregon

     Jake Foggia, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

​Oregon State University

​Stanford University

     Joshua Karty, K SIGNED

     Bailey Parsons, LS SIGNED

University of California Los Angeles

     Luke Akers, K/P SIGNED

     Beau Gardner, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

​University of Southern California

     Parker Lewis, K/P SIGNED

University of Utah

​University of Washington

     Triston Brown, P SIGNED

     Jaden Green, LS SIGNED

     Jacob Garcia, LS (PWO)

Washington State University

     Aidan Martin, K/P (PWO)

     Harrison Mevis, K/P (PWO)

     Bryce Leighton, P (PWO)

     Hunter Renner, P (PWO) COMMITTED

     Nolan McCord, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

     Dragan Kasich, K (PWO)

     R.J. Lopez, K (PWO)


University of Alabama

​University of Arkansas

     Tommy Christakos, K/WR

​Auburn University

​University of Florida

     Jeremy Crawshaw, P SIGNED

University of Georgia

     Joshua Karty, K

     Jared Zirkel, K SIGNED

     Beau Gardner, LS (PWO)

University of Kentucky

     Clay Perry, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

     Graham Wald, K (PWO) COMMITTED

Louisiana State University

     Max Peterson, LS (PWO)    

     Logan Klotz, K/P (PWO)

     Daniel Hawthorne, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

University of Mississippi

     Hayes Hammond, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

     Brett Burton, P (PWO)

​Mississippi State University

     Jacob Garcia, LS (PWO)

     Colby Cox, LS (PWO)

     Brandon Ruiz, K SIGNED (transfer from Arizona State)

​University of Missouri

     Harrison Mevis, K/P SIGNED

     Nelson Pipes, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

​University of South Carolina

     Kai Kroeger, P SIGNED

University of Tennessee

     Will Allbright, LS SIGNED

     Grant Reid, LS (PWO)

​Texas A&M University

​Vanderbilt University

     Wesley Schelling, LS SIGNED


Appalachian State University

     Joshua Karty, K

Arkansas State University

     Levi Forrest, P/K

     Peter Moore, K/P

Coastal Carolina University

​Georgia Southern University

     Colby Cox, LS (PWO)

     Albert Jang, K/P

     Dylan Lewis, K/P SIGNED

​Georgia State University

     Colby Cox, LS (PWO)

University of Louisiana Lafayette

​University of Louisiana Monroe

     Lucas Dunker, K (PWO)

     Chase Gabriel, K/P (PWO)

     Mitch Jeter, K (PWO)

     Logan Klotz, K/P (PWO)

     Seth Morgan, K (PWO) COMMITTED

     Andrew Wells, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

     Aidan Mulreed, K (PWO) COMMITTED (transfer from Wagner College)

​New Mexico State University

     Carson Roberts, K/P (PWO)

University of South Alabama

     Cooper Charleton, LS (PWO)

     Brock Travelstead, K/P

​Texas State University

     Angelo Tejada, LS (PWO)

     Valen Penn, LS (PWO)

     John Luke Roberts, LS (PWO)

     Adrian Guzman, K/P (PWO)

Troy University

     Colby Cox, LS (PWO)

     Logan Klotz, K/P (PWO)



     Tanner Cragun, K

     Nick Barcelos, LS

     Vito Calvaruso, K

     Clay Chase, K/P

     Tommy Christakos, K/WR

     Holt Cloninger, K

     Colby Cox, LS

     Bryce Eimer, LS

     Durham Harris, LS

     Conor Hunt, K/P

     Simon Samarzich, LS

     Albert Jang, K/P SIGNED

     Logan Klotz, K/P

     Will Long, LS

     Quinn Maretzki, K/P SIGNED

     Cole McCutcheon, LS SIGNED

     Evan McGuire, K/P

     Harrison Mevis, K/P

     Jack Olsen, K

     Fabrizio Pinton, K

     Zach Schmit, K

     Brock Travelstead, K/P

     Reis Vernon, P/K

     J.J. Wadas, K

     Evan Warren, K/P

     James Willliams, K/P

     Jared Zirkel, K/P

     Chris Freeman, K

     Jax May, LS

Brigham Young University

​University of Massachusetts

     Holt Cloninger, K

     Brock Travelstead, K/P

     Jack Gabbe, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

​University of Notre Dame

     Alex Peitsch, LS SIGNED

Liberty University

     Edward Dellinger, K/P (PWO)

     Peter Moore, K/P

     Gregory Tarr, LS (PWO)

     Ben D'Aquila, P (PWO)



​University of California Davis

     Race Mahlum, K/P (PWO)

California Polytechnic State University

​Eastern Washington University

University of Idaho

Idaho State University

University of Montana

     Peyton Hogan, LS (PWO)

Montana State University

     Bryce Leighton, P SIGNED

​Northern Arizona University

     R.J. Lopez, K

University of Northern Colorado

     A.J. Laux, OL/LS (PWO)

Portland State University

     Ben D'Aquila, P (PWO)

​Sacramento State University

     Joshua Baron, K (PWO)

     Ben Falck, K/P (PWO)

     Race Mahlum, K/P (PWO)

Southern Utah ​University

​Weber State University

     Mackenzie Morgan, P SIGNED


Campbell University

     Isaac Riffle, P/K SIGNED

     Holt Cloninger, K SIGNED

     Jude Kelly, K/P

     Evan McGuire, K/P

Charleston Southern University

     Nikko Coriell, LS (PWO)

Gardner-Webb University

Hampton University

     Jake Maggio, LS

​Kennesaw State University

     Dylan Lewis, K/P (PWO)

     Evan Fuller, K/P SIGNED

​Monmouth University

​University of North Alabama

     Brett Burton, LS SIGNED


University of Albany

     Jonathan Opalko, K/P  COMMITTED

​University of Delaware

​Elon University

     Joshua Karty, K

     Owen Daffer, K (PWO)

James Madison University

​University of Maine

​University of New Hampshire

University of Rhode Island

     Justin Keijers, LS (PWO)

University of Richmond

Stony Brook University

​Towson University

     Danny King, K

Villanova University

College of William & Mary

     Kyle Lowe, K/P (PWO)


Brown University

     Sam Massick, K (PWO)

     Graham Gotlieb, K (PWO)

     Shamus Florio, K (PWO)

Columbia University

     Hunter Renner, P (PWO)

     Fabrizio Pinton, K/P (PWO)

     Sam Massick, K (PWO)

     R.J. Lopez, K/P (PWO)

     Christo Kelly, OL/LS (PWO)

​Cornell University

Dartmouth College

​Harvard University

     Cali Canaval, K (PWO) COMMITTED

     Tommy Christokas, K/WR (PWO)

University of Pennsylvania

     Jake Seibert, K (PWO)    

     Chris Freeman, K (PWO)

     Fabrizio Pinton, K/P (PWO)

     R.J. Lopez, K/P (PWO)

     Kevin Thibodeaux, K (PWO)

Princeton University

     Sam Massick, K (PWO) COMMITTED

     Tommy Christokas, K/WR (PWO)

Yale University

     Tommy Christokas, K/WR (PWO)

     Fabrizio Pinton, K/P (PWO)

     Jack Olsen, K (PWO)

     Luke Akers, K/P (PWO)

     Shamus Florio, K (PWO) COMMITTED


Bethune-Cookman University

Delaware State University

​Florida A&M University

​Howard University

​Morgan State University

     Samual Renzi, K SIGNED

     Danny King, K

     Kieran O'Neill, K

     John Bergeron, LS

​Norfolk State University

North Carolina A&T State University

     Noah Burnette, K

North Carolina Central University

​South Carolina State University

     Dyson Roberts, K/P (PWO)


Illinois State University

     Jack Olsen, K

     Peyton Cramer, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

     Adam Saul, K/P SIGNED

​Indiana State University

     Jared Lawrence, LS COMMITTED

     Chris Freeman, K

     Tanner Brown, K/P

     Lewis Halton, P SIGNED

Missouri State University

     Reis Vernon, P/K (PWO)

North Dakota State University

     Gavin Meyers, K (PWO)

     Nathan Whiting, K/P (PWO)

University of Northern Iowa

University of South Dakota

     Hunter Dustman, K

     Dragan Kesich, K

​South Dakota State University

     Hunter Dustman, K SIGNED

     Jaden Mueller, LS SIGNED

​Southern Illinois University

     Jack Colquhoun, P SIGNED

Western Illinois University

     Jake Bowman, LS (PWO)

     Hunter Renner, P (PWO)

     Adam Saul, K/P

     Aaron Blom, K

     Skyler Wilson, K/P (PWO)

Youngstown State University

     Sam Merryman, LS SIGNED


Bryant University

​Central Connecticut State University

Duquesne University

Long Island University

​Robert Morris University

     Kyle Wittenrich, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

​Sacred Heart University

     Ethan Gettman, K/P

Saint Francis University (PA)

     Nick Basile, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

Wagner College


Austin Peay State University

     Jake Bowman, LS (PWO)

     Miles Tillman, P/K

     Wyatt Hall, LS (PWO)

Eastern Illinois University

     Dragan Kesich, K

Eastern Kentucky University

     Connor Cross, K (PWO)

     Joao Lopes, K/P (PWO)

     Jonathan Duff, LS/LB (PWO) COMMITTED

     Jackson Worthen, LS (PWO)

     Andrew Brown, K (PWO)

     Wyatt Hall, LS (PWO)

​Jacksonville State University

     Alan Karajic, K SIGNED

     Brody Butler, LS (PWO)

Murray State University

Southeast Missouri State University

     A.J. Laux, LS/OL

     Caleb Hawkins, K

     Vito Calvaruso, K

Tennessee State University

     Caleb Meyers, K

Tennessee Tech University

     Jacob Gragg, LS

     Connor Cross, K (PWO)

     Luke Jenkins, K (PWO) COMMITTED

University of Tennessee Martin


Bucknell University

     Caleb Richwine, K

     Adam Guillemette, LS

     Tristan Heaton, K/P (PWO)

Colgate University

     Brian Cooey, P

     Ben Krimm, P (PWO)

     Tucker Dunn, LS COMMITTED

     Filip Svoboda, K/P COMMITTED

Fordham University

     Henry Westermann, K/P (PWO)

     Danny Kay, K

Georgetown University

     Tyler Waxman, K/P

​College of the Holy Cross

     Adam Guillemette, LS SIGNED

Lafayette College

     Alan Nadelsticher, LS (PWO)

     Tucker Dunn, LS (PWO)

Lehigh University

     Dylan Van Dusen, K/P SIGNED


Butler University

     Andrew Kempen, K (PWO)

     Marshall Golick, K/P (PWO)

     Cameron Gillis, K (PWO)

     Ben Krimm, P (PWO)

     Asher King, P/K, (PWO)

     Luka Zurak, K/P

     Connor Benson, K (PWO) COMMITTED

     Ben Packer, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

Davidson College

     Caden Bonoffski, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

     Cullen MacQuarrie, LS (PWO)

University of Dayton

     Brandon Walters, K/P (PWO)

     Ben Krimm, P (PWO)

     Luka Zurak, K/P (PWO)

     Joe Stoll, K (PWO)

     Luke Pawlak, K (PWO)

     Michael Denning, P/K (PWO) COMMITTED

Drake University

     Cameron Baller, K/P (PWO)

     Connor Benson, K (PWO)

     Joe O'Leary, K (PWO)

Marist College

     Aidan Hopper, K (PWO)

     Dominic Donohue, K (PWO) COMMITTED

Morehead State University

     Cameron Anderson, K (PWO)

     Jackson Baltar, K/P (PWO)

     Hayden Hairston, K (PWO)

     Davis Hughes, K (PWO)

     Trenton Boshers, LS (PWO)

Presbyterian College

University of San Diego

     Jackson Garcia, K (PWO) COMMITTED

     Gage King, LS (PWO)

     Peter Bowden, LS (PWO)

Stetson University

     Matthew Bailey, LS (PWO)

     Rosendo Ramirez, K/P (PWO)

     Cameron Gillis, K (PWO) COMMITTED

     Mike Wojciechowski, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

Valparaiso University

     Chris VanEekeren, K/P (PWO)

     Jack Morse, K/P (PWO)

     Connor Benson, K (PWO)

     Patrick Oliva, K/P COMMITTED


University of Tennessee Chattanooga

     Cody Olszewski, LS SIGNED

     Seth Glausier, LS (PWO)

     Christian Johnstone, LS

     Ryan Fitzgerald, K

     Trenton Boshers, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

​The Citadel

     Steele Judy, LS (PWO)

​East Tennessee State University

     Garrett Taylor, K/P SIGNED

     Tyler Keltner, K/P SIGNED

​Furman University

     Nolan Parris, P/K

     William Ross, K/P

Mercer University

     Zach Lassiter, LS

     William Wagner, LS (PWO)

     Cameron Clark, K/P (PWO)

     Devin Folser, K (PWO) COMMITTED

     Austin McKay, K/P (PWO)

     Parker Lee, P (PWO) COMMITTED

Samford University

     William Mote, LS

     Cody Olszewski, LS (PWO)

     Ashton Dodd, K/P (PWO)

Virginia Military Institute

     Jonathan Kim, K

     Cameron Clark, K/P

     Jake Larson, K

     Aaron Vardell, K (PWO) COMMITTED

     Keegan Vaughan, K/P (PWO)

Western Carolina University

     Jacob Enns, P COMMITTED

     Alex Herrera, K/P

     Brandon Dickerson, P/K (PWO) COMMITTED

     Kevin Thompson, LS SIGNED

Wofford College

     Michael Hayes, K/P (PWO)

     Matthew Bailey, LS (PWO)

     Collin Smith, K/P (PWO)

     Parker Colburn, P/K (PWO)

     Coltin Hallman, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED


Abilene Christian University

     Mark Fuchs, LS

     Kason Mullins, K/P (PWO)

     Dustin Inness, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

     David Stone, LS SIGNED

University of Central Arkansas

     Chandler Caughron, K SIGNED

     Drew Brenowitz, LS (PWO)

     Garrett Townsend, LS (PWO)

     Caron Mohr, K/P (PWO)

Houston Baptist University

     James Elmo, P

     Blake Patterson, K/P SIGNED

     Noah Rauschenberg, K

     Harper Simmons, K (PWO)

     Griffin Kell, K/P

     Gino Garcia, K SIGNED

     Austin Angelo, K (PWO)

University of the Incarnate Word

     Tristan Heaton, K/P (PWO)

     Carson Mohr, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

     Austin Dennis, K/P (PWO)

     Steven Opella, K (PWO)

     Andrew Schreiner, P (PWO) COMMITTED

Lamar University

     Kenny Pham, P (PWO) COMMITTED

     John Farris, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

McNeese State University

     Andrew Stein, K

     Austin Dunlap, P

     Cameron Ryals, LS (PWO)

     Colin LaHaye, P/K (PWO) COMMITTED

     Kade Dixon, K (PWO) COMMITTED (transfer from Texas Wesleyan)

​Nicholls State University

     Jack Gettys, K (PWO)

     Jaime Medina, K/P

​Northwestern State University

​Sam Houston State University

     Tristan Heaton, K/P (PWO)

     Alan Guerrieri, K/P (PWO)

     Davis Beal, LS

     Dylan Brown, K/P (PWO)

     Prominence Onwuemeka, K/P

     Hunter Pinegar, K

Southeastern Louisiana University

     Cameron Ryals, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

     Cam Kuhn, P, (PWO) COMMITTED

     Austin Dunlap, P COMMITTED

     Reece Aultman, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

Stephen F. Austin State University

     Ryan Hanson, P, (PWO)

     Brayden Chandler, LS SIGNED

     Joshua Smetzer, LS SIGNED

     Dylan Brown, K SIGNED



Alabama A&M University

     Kyle Romenick, P

     Justin Ritter, K/P

     Aaron Rodriguez, P

     Elijah Perez, P SIGNED

Alabama State University

     Matt Smith, LS (PWO)

     Luke Barnes, LS SIGNED

Alcorn State University

     Gabriel Pugh, LS (PWO)

     Colten Menges, LS/TE

     Gregory Blue, K/P COMMITTED

     Frank Melgarejo, LS

​University of Arkansas Pine Bluff

     Andrew Rodriguez, K/P

     Robens Beauplan, P (PWO)

     Myles Pini, P SIGNED

Grambling State University

     Jack Martin, K/P (Northview High School, AL)

Jackson State University

Mississippi Valley State University

     Robens Beauplans, P (PWO)

     Hayden Schuster, K (PWO) COMMITTED

     Alex Moreno, K (PWO)

Prairie View A&M University

Southern University

     Noah Hebert, LS (PWO)

Texas Southern University


University of North Dakota

     Reid Sanders, K/P SIGNED

     Evan Arenz, K, SIGNED

     Brady Stevens, K, SIGNED



Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA)

Bowie State University

Chowan University

     Cameron Clark K/P

     Rylee Medlin, K/P

     Anthony Einhorn, K

​Elizabeth City State University

     Zach Morgan, K/P

Fayetteville State University

​Johnson C. Smith University

Lincoln University (PA)

     Nick Lawson, K

Livingstone College

     Austin Roderick, P

     Corey Lewis, K/P

St. Augustine's University

     Austin Roderick, P

Shaw University

Virginia State University

Virginia Union University

     Justin Pollock, LS

     Matthew Rhodes, LS

Winston-Salem State University

     Collin Smith, K/P

     Corey Lewis, K/P

Great Midwest Athletic Conference (G-MAC)

Alderson Broaddus University

     Colten Menges, LS/TE

     Zach Morgan, K/P

University of Findlay

     Mitchell Hebenstreit, K SIGNED

     Zach Frye, LS SIGNED

     Nick Reibly, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

Hillsdale College

     Michael Cronin, LS

     Andre Mazur, K/P (PWO)

Kentucky Wesleyan College

     Austin Paige, K

     Marshall Golick, K/P

     Thomas Yarbrough, LS COMMITTED

Lake Erie College

     Sam Webster, K

     Bryce Washington, LS

     Cameron Anderson, K (PWO)

     Devon Clark, LS SIGNED

​Malone University

​Ohio Dominican University

     Thomas Reny, LS

     Austin Paige, K

Walsh University

     Carter LaCoursiere, K/P

Great American Conference (GAC)

Arkansas Tech University

University of Arkansas Monticello

​East Central University

     Tristan Heaton, K/P

     Pearson Bash, K

     Garrett Childers, K/P

     Garrett Townsend, LS

     Rosendo Ramirez, K

     Oscar Simon, K/P

     Harper Simmons, K SIGNED

Harding University

​Henderson State University

     Tristan Heaton, K/P SIGNED

     Thomas Hathorn, LS SIGNED

Northwestern Oklahoma State University

     Ben Donald, P

​Oklahoma Baptist University

     Tyler Paul, LS/OL

Ouachita Baptist University

​Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Southern Arkansas University

Southern Nazarene University

     Brayden Chandler, LS

​Southwestern Oklahoma State University

     David Vargas, K, SIGNED

Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC)

Ashland University

​Davenport University

     Mike Wojciechowski, LS

     Josh Shaski, K (PWO)

     David Rumsey, K/P (PWO) SIGNED

     Jack Shomock, LS SIGNED

     Kyle Wojahn, K/P SIGNED

​Ferris State University

     David Hiser, K/P SIGNED

​Grand Valley State University

     Luke Elzinga, P

     Jeremy Wiersema, K (PWO) COMMITTED

Michigan Technical University

     Jack Morse, WR/K/P (PWO)

Northern Michigan University

     Jack Morse, WR/K/P (PWO)

​Northwood University

     Quinn Wuerfel, K/P SIGNED

     Jackson Griskie, K

​Saginaw Valley State University

     Jonathan Perry, LS COMMITTED

Tiffin University

     Brady Henry, K COMMITTED

​Wayne State University

     Jackson Griskie, K SIGNED

     Jack Morse, WR/K/P

     Niccolo Seilo, K/P SIGNED

Great Lakes Valley Conference (GLVC)

University of Indianapolis

     Joey Mitchell, K/P

     Brian Mullins, K/P SIGNED

​Lincoln University (MO)

     Reagan Harrell, P SIGNED

     Josh Zakavec, LS SIGNED

     Kaleb Barry, K

​McKendree University

     Ryan Kastl, K SIGNED

     Kaleb Barry, K SIGNED

Missouri University of Science &Technology

Quincy University

St. Joseph's College (operations suspended)

Southwest Baptist University

     Corey Lewis, K/P

Truman State University

     Casey Voichahoske, LS

     Jared Venner, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

     Grant Ross, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

​William Jewell College

     Bradley West, K SIGNED

Great Northwest Athletic Conference (GNAC)

Azusa Pacific University

     Ramzee Jaridly, K SIGNED

     Elijah Fischer, P

     Brian Papazian, P (transfer from San Jose State University) COMMITTED

​Central Washington University

Humboldt State University

Simon Fraser University

     David Eisenkraft, K/P SIGNED

Western Oregon University

     Corey Lewis, K/P

     Anthony Reyes, K (grad transfer) SIGNED

Gulf South Conference (GSC)

Delta State University

Florida Institute of Technology

     Kyle Ostendorp, P (PWO)

     Tristan Heaton, K/P (PWO)

Mississippi College

     Reece Aultman, K/P (PWO)

     Jance Riley, K COMMITTED

     Cale Nation, K

North Greenville University

     Patrick Nations, K

     Cameron Clark, K/P (PWO)

     Austin McKay, K/P (PWO)

Shorter University

     Seth Glausier, LS

     Ford Hayes, LS (PWO)

     Artie Simmons, LS SIGNED

     Charlie Harless, P SIGNED

​Valdosta State University

     Devlin Dolph, P SIGNED

​University of West Alabama

     Jack Gettys, K

     Reece Aultman, K/P

     Parker Lee, P

     Alex Moreno, K

     Tre Jackson, K SIGNED (graduate transfer from Gardner-Webb)

​University of West Florida

     Matthew Bailey, LS

     Chase Whitfield, LS

     Jace Hohenthaner, P (PWO)

​University of West Georgia

Lone Star Conference (LSC)

Angelo State University

​Eastern New Mexico University

Midwestern State University

     Ryan Hanson, P

​Tarleton State University

Texas A&M University Commerce

​Texas A&M University Kingsville

University of Texas Periman Basin

     Cole Miller, P (PWO)

West Texas A&M University

​Western New Mexico University

     Corey Lewis, K/P

     Tristan Heaton, K/P

     Nick Lawson, K

Mountain East Conference (MEC)

University of Charleston

     Austin Benoit, K/P SIGNED

     Tim McCutchen, K SIGNED

     Ridge Lester, K SIGNED

Concord University

Fairmont State University

​Glenville State College

     Colten Menges, LS/TE

     Finnegan Hall, K/P

Notre Dame College

     Ryan Coe, K/P

     Zach Frey, LS COMMITTED

​Shepherd University

     Jacob Haynie, K COMMITTED

     Matthew Rhodes, LS/OL

​Urbana University

     Derek Robb, K

     Dominic Hahner, K/P (PWO)

     Oscar Simon, K/P (PWO)

     Anthony Padovano, P SIGNED

University of Virginia Wise

     Griffin Greer, K/P

     Chase Droog, K/P SIGNED

     Drew Vermillion, P SIGNED

     Luke Lynn, K/P

West Liberty University

West Virginia State University

     Corey Lewis, K/P

     Chris Wood, K/P

     Tim McCutchen, K

     Finnegan Hall, K/P

     Alex Moreno, K

     Prominence Onwuemeka, K/P

West Virginia Wesleyan College

     Jonathan Kim, K

     Greg Torcaso, K

Wheeling Jesuit University (2019)

     Ian Phillips, K SIGNED

     Andre Mazur, K/P

Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association (MIAA)

University of Central Missouri

     Ross Brungardt, P/K (PWO)

University of Central Oklahoma

     Noah Rauschenberg, K

     Matt Stanton, K COMMITTED

     Zach Ramay, P

Emporia State University

     Ross Brungardt, P/K SIGNED

Fort Hays State University

     Ben Donald, P SIGNED

     Luke Barnes, LS

     Jack Myers, LS SIGNED

     Jonathan Hunnacutt, K SIGNED

​Lindenwood University

​Missouri Southern State University

     Austin Stewart, LS

​Missouri Western State University

     Caden Bolz, LS

     David Stone, LS

     Austin Stewart, LS SIGNED

​University of Nebraska Kearney

​Northeastern State University

​Northwest Missouri State University

Pittsburgh State University

Gentry Cole, K SIGNED

Washburn University

     Kameron Lake, K COMMITTED

Northeast 10 Conference (NE-10)

American International College

     Mike Messina, K/P

Assumption College

Bentley University

Franklin Pierce University (2019)

Long Island University Post

     Brian Cooey, P

Merrimack College

​University of New Haven

​Pace University

     Christian Korchma, K SIGNED

     Danny Kay, K

Saint Anselm College

​Southern Connecticut State University

Stonehill College

     Kyle Gilman, P/K SIGNED

Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference (NSIC)

Augustana University

     Ben Limburg, K COMMITTED

Bemidji State University

     Reid Sanders, P

​Concordia University St. Paul

     Bjorn Charles, K (PWO)

University of Mary

     Charles Hayes, K

Minnesota State University Mankato

     Bryce Redmond, K/P

     Prince Onwuemeka, K

     Corey Lewis, K/P

     Hunter Pinegar, K

Minnesota State University Moorhead

     Ryan Riedel, K/P SIGNED

     Ben Kern, K SIGNED

University of Minnesota Crookston

University of Minnesota Duluth

     Curtis Cox, K/P SIGNED

     Anthony Reyes, K (graduate transfer from Dixie State)

     Lucas Amaya, K

Minot State University

Northern State University

     Ross Brungardt, P/K

​St. Cloud State University

     Avery Knief, K/P SIGNED

University of Sioux Falls

     Porfirio Hernandez III‏, K/P

     Nathan De Jager, K

     Justin Kaplan, K

Southwest Minnesota State University

     Thomas Peterson, LS

     Nick German, P COMMITTED

Upper Iowa University

​Wayne State College

     Austin Stewart, LS

​Winona State University

     Dmitri Shpak, K/P

Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC)

Bloomsburg University

California University (PA)

     Brendan Gregory, K/P SIGNED

​Cheyney University

Clarion University

East Stroudsburg University

     Michael Sereny, P

Edinboro University

     Tyler Herberg, LS COMMITTED

Gannon University

​Indiana University (PA)

Kutztown University

     Michael Sereny, P

​Lock Haven University

     Ryan Flowers, LS SIGNED

     Chris Persiko, K

     Hunter Hess, K SIGNED

     Charles Hayes, K COMMITTED

​Mercyhurst University

     Dominic Hahner, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

Millersville University

     Chris Persiko, K SIGNED

Seton Hill University

​Shippensburg University

Slippery Rock University

​West Chester University

     Brendan Gregory, K/P (PWO)

Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC)

Adams State University

Black Hills State University

     Zak Starkey, LS

Chadron State College

     Drake Holdren, K (PWO) COMMITTED

Colorado Mesa University

Colorado School of Mines

     Anthony Rosenstrauch, LS

     Jack Deneher, K

     Logan Rayburn, S/LS SIGNED

     Gabe Whipple, P SIGNED

​Colorado State University Pueblo

     Jared Zoulek, K SIGNED

​Dixie State University

     Connor Brooksby, K

     Matt Lewis, K (PWO) COMMITTED

​Fort Lewis College

New Mexico Highlands University

South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

     Luke Barnes, LS

Western Colorado University

     Cayden Camper, K/P

South Atlantic Conference (SAC)

Carson-Newman University

     Drew Vermillion, P

     Weston Landry, K

     Michael Harrah, P/K SIGNED

     Reagan Harrell, P

     Briggs Marcantel, K

     Nate Craft, K SIGNED

Catawba College

     Hayden Kilgore, K

     Keaton Chambers, LS

Lenoir-Rhyne University

     Austin Roderick, P (PWO) COMMITTED

Limestone College

​Mars Hill University

     Corey Lewis, K/P

​Newberry College

     Avery Funderburk, K COMMITTED

​Tusculum University

     Kevin Thompson, LS (PWO)

     Alex Petruzzello, K/P SIGNED

     Briggs Marcantel, K SIGNED

​Wingate University

     Ethan Evans, K/P SIGNED

     Hayden Kilgore, P SIGNED

Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SIAC)

Albany State University

     Jose Rivas, K (PWO) COMMITTED

     Anton Cousins, LS SIGNED

Benedict College

Central State University

Clark Atlanta University

Fort Valley State University

Kentucky State University

Lane College

     Christian Reyes, K/P SIGNED

Miles College

Morehouse College

​Savannah State University

Tuskegee University


University of North Carolina Pembroke

     Hunter Braswell, K/P SIGNED

Barton College (2020)

Erskine College (2020)

     Mark Hydrick, LS

     Chase Froedge, LS



American Southwest Conference (ASC)

Belhaven University

     Reece Aultman, K/P (PWO)

     Noah Hebert, LS (PWO)

     Cade Ganey, K/P (PWO)

East Texas Baptist University

     Colin LaHaye, P (PWO)

     Kaleb Cue, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

Hardin-Simmons University

     Austin Angelo, K, (PWO)

     Kaleb Cue, K/P (PWO)

     Cole Miller, P (PWO)

     Luis Piedra, K (PWO) COMMITTED

     Austin Schulze, K/P COMMITTED

​Howard Payne University

     Colten Menges, LS/TE (PWO)

     Austin Rychlik, K (PWO)

Louisiana College

     Colin LaHaye, P (PWO)

     Reece Aultman, K/P (PWO)

     Nathan Eastin, K/P (PWO)

University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

     Kyle Ramsey, K/P (PWO)

     Reece Aultman, K/P (PWO)

McMurry University

Southwestern University

     Cole Miller, P (PWO)

     Austin Rychlik,K (PWO)

     Oscar Simon, K/P (PWO)

Sul Ross State University

Texas Lutheran University

     Kenny Pham, P (PWO)

Centennial Conference (CC)

Dickinson College

Franklin & Marshall College

     Murray McCarthy, K (PWO) COMMITTED

Gettysburg College

​Johns Hopkins University

     Chris Vartanian, K (PWO)

Juniata College

     Ryan Flowers, LS (PWO)

McDaniel College

     Nicco Vargas, K (PWO) COMMITTED

     Kory Brooks, LS/OL (PWO) COMMITTED

Moravian College

     Rustin Seyle, K/P (PWO)

Muhlenberg College

Susquehanna University

Ursinus College

     Nick Balliro, K (PWO) COMMITTED

     Ayoub Cherradi, K (PWO) COMMITTED

College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin (CCIW)

Augustana College

     Tyler Bachara, K (PWO)

     Sidney Maroon, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

     Charlie Gambs, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

Carroll University (WI)

Carthage College

     Sam Wiesbrook, LS (PWO)

Elmhurst College

Illinois Weslyan University

Millikin University

​North Central College

North Park University

Wheaton College (IL)

Commonwealth Coast Conference

Becker College

Curry College

Endicott College

University of New England

Nichols College

Salve Regina University

Western New England University

     Dario Laraia, LS (PWO)

Eastern Collegiate Football Conference (ECFC)

Alfred State College

Anna Maria College

Castleton University

Gallaudet University

Husson University

Mount Ida College

SUNY Maritime

Empire 8 Conference (E8)

Alfred University

SUNY Brockport

Buffalo State College

SUNY Cortland State

Hartwick College

St. John Fisher College

     Aidan Hopper, K (PWO)

SUNY Morrisville State

Utica College

Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference (HCAC)

Anderson University (IN)

Bluffton University

Defiance College

     Kalil Kargbo, K/P (PWO)

     Ewan Kenny, K/P (PWO)

Earlham College

Franklin College (IN)

     Spencer Downhour, K/P COMMITTED

Hanover College

Manchester University (IN)

Mount St. Joseph University

     Andre Mazur, K/P (PWO)

     Kyle Farfsing, K (PWO) COMMITTED

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

     Jack Breedlove, K (PWO)

     Chase Whitfield, LS (PWO)

     Jack Oswald, P/K (PWO)

     Austin Rychlik, K (PWO)

     Ryan Bloch, K/P (PWO)

     Zaden Webber, K (PWO)

     Ryan Castle, K (PWO)

     Trent Ramirez, K (PWO)

     Austin Dennis, K/P (PWO)

     Kyler Greenway, LS (PWO)

     Kevin Thompson, LS (PWO)

     Kuper Imrem, LS (PWO)

     Aidan Hall, LS (PWO)

     Brendan Latham, K/P (PWO)

     Austin McKay, K/P (PWO)

     Lowell Carr, K/P (PWO)

     Darien Herbert, LS COMMITTED

Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (IIAC)

Buena Vista University

Central College (IA)

Coe College

University of Dubuque

Loras College

     Thomas Yarbrough, LS (PWO)

Luther College

     Ewan Kenny, K/P (PWO)

Simpson College

Wartburg College

Nebraska Wesleyan University

Liberty League

Hobart College

Ithaca College

     Aidan Hopper, K (PWO)

University of Rochester

     Lowell Carr, K/P (PWO)

     Ben Schwartz, P (PWO) COMMITTED

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

St. Lawrence University

Union College

Middle Atlantic Conference (MAC)

Albright College

Alvernia University

Delaware Valley University

Fairleigh Dickinson University

     Chris DiMedio, K (PWO) COMMITTED

King's Collge (PA)

Lebanon Valley College

Lycoming College

Misericordia University

Stevenson University

​Widener University

     Frankie Damico, K (PWO) COMMITTED

Wilkes University

Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference (MASCAC)

Bridgewater State University

Fitchburg State University

Framingham State University

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Plymouth State University

Western Connecticut State University

Westfield State University

Worcester State University

Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA)

Adrian College

     Nick Painter, LS (PWO)

     Ewan Kenny, K/P (PWO)

Albion College

     Josh Shaski, K (PWO)

     Josh Castillo, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

     Jackson Cooney, K/P

Alma College

Finlandia Univeristy

Hope College

     Jackson Griskie, K (PWO)

Kalamazoo College

     Jackson Griskie, K (PWO)

Olivet College

     Josh Shaski, K (PWO) COMMITTED

     Brendan Sine, P (PWO) COMMITTED

Trine University

Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC)

Augsburg College

Bethel University (MN)

     Blake Munn, LS/LB (PWO) COMMITTED

     Bjorn Charles, K COMMITTED

Carleton College

     Austin Dennis, K/P (PWO)

     Josiah Hirsch, LS (PWO)

     Trent Ramirez, K (PWO) COMMITTED

Concordia College (MN)

Gustavus Adolphus College

Hamline University

St. John's University (MN)

St. Olaf College

University of St. Thomas (MN)

Midwest Conference (MWC)

Beloit College

University of Chicago

Cornell College (IA)

     Parker Lee, P (PWO)

     Reece Aultman, K/P (PWO)

Grinnell College

Illinois College

Knox College (IL)

     Jacob Haynie, K (PWO)

Lake Forest College

Lawrence University

     Noah Karwacki, K/P (PWO)

     Brett Zachman, K (PWO)

     Ewan Kenny, K/P (PWO)

Macalester College

Monmouth College (IL)

     Drew Hutson, K (PWO) COMMITTED

Ripon College

     Austin McKay, K/P (PWO)

St. Norbert College

     Nathan Hazlett, K/P (PWO)

Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference (NACC)

Aurora University

     Nate McCormack, LS (PWO)

Benedictine University

Concordia University Chicago

     Parker Lee, P (PWO)

Concordia University (WI)

Lakeland University

Rockford University

     Cade Henry, K (PWO)

     Ewan Kenny, K/P (PWO)

     Thomas Yarbrough, LS (PWO)

Wisconsin Lutheran College

North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC)

Allegheny College

Denison University

     Andre Mazur, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

DePauw University

     Taylor Richardson, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

Hiram College

     Nick Painter, LS (PWO)

Kenyon College

     Davis Beal, LS/QB (PWO)

     Fletcher Whalen, K/P (PWO)

     Lowell Carr, K/P (PWO)

     Willie Johnson, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

Oberlin College

     Jonah Mendelsohn, K/P (PWO)

Ohio Wesleyan University

Wabash College

​Wittenberg University

     Jacob Strassel, K (PWO)

College of Wooster

     Lowell Carr, K/P (PWO)

New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC)

Amherst College

Bates College

     Jack Breedlove, K (PWO)

Bowdoin College

     Andrew Rowader, P (PWO) COMMITTED

     Chris Chen, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

Colby College

     Lowell Carr, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

Hamilton College

Middlebury College

     Jack Morse, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

Trinity College (CT)

Tufts University

Weslyan College

Williams College

New England Women's & Men's Athletic Conference (NEWMAC)

Catholic University of America

Coast Guard Academy

Maine Maritime Academy

Merchant Marine Academy

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

     Jack Oswald, P/K (PWO) COMMITTED

     Chase Whitfield, LS (PWO)

​Norwich University

Springfield College (MA)

     Kory Zall, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

     Nicholas Andrade, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC)

Christopher Newport University

     Ryan Castle, K (PWO) COMMITTED

     Zack Zimmerman, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

College of New Jersey

Frostburg State University

     Dayne Koontz, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

Kean University

Montclair State University

Rowan University

     Jack Dematteo, K/P COMMITTED

Salisbury University

Southern Virginia University

Wesley College (DE)

William Paterson University

Northwest Conference (NWC)

George Fox University

     Drew Maycumber, LS (PWO)

     Daniel Stewart, K/P (PWO)

Lewis & Clark College

Linfield College

     Bryce Law, K (PWO) COMMITTED

     Josiah Hirsch, LS (PWO)

     Thomas Tabor, P (PWO) COMMITTED

Pacific University (OR)

     Carson Sten, K/P (PWO)

     Josiah Hirsch, LS (PWO)

Pacific Lutheran University

University of Puget Sound

     Carson Sten, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

     Neo Sather, LS (PWO)

     Kyler Greenway, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

     Brandon Sukenik, K (PWO)

     Jonah Mendelsohn, K (PWO) COMMITTED

​Whitworth University

Willamettte University

     Josiah Hirsch, LS (PWO)

     Kyler Greenway, LS (PWO)


Ohio Athletic Conference (OAC)

Baldwin-Wallace University

     Dean Sarris, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

Capital University

Heidelberg University

     Jackson Griskie, K (PWO)

John Carroll University

Marietta College

​University of Mount Union

     Josh Shaski, K (PWO)

     Kyle Rhonehouse, K/P (PWO)

​Muskingum University

     Kyle Farfsing, K (PWO)

     Hayden Willis, P/K (PWO)

​Ohio Northern University

Otterbein University

     Brady Henry, K (PWO)

​Wilmington College (OH)

Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC)

Bridgewater College

Emory & Henry College

     Drew Vermillion, P (PWO)

     Michael Harrah, P/K (PWO)

     Cameron Jones, K (PWO) COMMITTED

     Justin Falin, K (PWO) COMMITTED

Ferrum College

Guilford College

     Chase Froedge, LS (PWO)

Hampden-Sydney College

Randolph-Macon College

Shenandoah University

Washington & Lee University

Presidents' Athletic Conference (PAC)

Bethany College

     Thomas Yarbrough, LS (PWO)

Carnegie Mellon University (UAA) (PAC)

     Jack Oswald, P/K (PWO)

     Hayden Hairston, K (PWO) COMMITTED

     Casey Jaeb, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

Case Western Reserve University (UAA) (PAC)

     Zaden Webber, K (PWO)

Geneva College

     Ewan Kenny, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

     John Kerley, K (PWO)

Grove City College

     C.J. Otwell, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

St. Vincent College

Thiel College

Washington & Jefferson College

Waynesburg University

Westminster College (PA)

Southern Athletic Association (SAA)

Austin College

     Trey Keatts, K (PWO)

     Austin Angelo, K (PWO)

​Berry College

     Matthew Styverson, K/P (PWO) COMMITTED

Birmingham-Southern College

     Zach Ford, K (PWO)

     Devlin Dolph, K (PWO)

     Brody Palmer, K (PWO)

     Hayden Hairston, K (PWO)

Centre College

     Jack Breedlove, K (PWO)

     Nathan Hazlett, K/P (PWO)

     Charlie Sullivan, LS COMMITTED

     Briggs Marcantel, K, (PWO)

     Austin Paige, K (PWO) COMMITTED

Hendrix College

Millsaps College

     Tristan Heaton, K/P (PWO)

     Tyler Martin, LS (PWO)

     Reece Aultman, K/P (PWO)

Rhodes College

     Jack Breedlove, K (PWO) COMMITTED

     Zaden Webber, K (PWO)

     Tyler Martin, LS (PWO)

     Marshall Golick, K/P (PWO)

Sewanee the University of the South

     Brody Palmer, K (PWO) COMMITTED

Trinity University (TX)

Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Association (SCIAC)

California Lutheran University

Chapman University

     Owen Tapia, K/P COMMITTED

​Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges

     Jack Oswald, P/K (PWO)

​University of La Verne

     Anthony Santoro, K/P (PWO)

     Owen Tapia, K/P (PWO)

     Chris Vartanian, K (PWO)

Occidental College

     Josiah Hirsch, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

Pomona-Pitzer Colleges

University of the Redlands

     Nick Kokich, P/K (PWO)

     Josiah Hirsch, LS (PWO)

Whittier College

     Anthony Santoro, K/P (PWO)

     Josiah Hirsch, LS (PWO)

     Owen Tapia, K/P (PWO)

     Anthony Einhorn, K (PWO)

     Nate McCormack, LS (PWO)

     John Farris, LS (PWO)

     Drew Maycumber, LS (PWO)

     Austin Dennis, K/P (PWO)

     Jonah Mendelsohn, K (PWO)

     Jacob Trim, LS (PWO)

     Jacob Strassel, K (PWO)

     Adrian Tamayo, LS (PWO)

     Nicholas DiVirgilio, LS (PWO)

     Nicholas Boschetti, K (PWO)

     Noah Handel, K (PWO) COMMITTED

University Athletic Association (UAA)

Carnegie Mellon University (UAA) (PAC)

Case Western Reserve University (UAA) (PAC)

Washington University (MO)

     Chris Vartanian, K (PWO) COMMITTED

Upper Midwest Athletic Conference (UMAC)

Crown College (MN)

Eureka College

     Tyler Liedke, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

Greenville University

Iowa Wesleyan College

MacMurray College

     Luke DesNoyers, K (PWO) COMMITTED

Martin Luther College

University of Minnesota Morris

University of Northwestern St. Paul

     Kevin Thompson, LS (PWO)

College of St. Scholastica

Westminster College (MO)

USA South Athletic Conference (USA SOUTH)

Averett University

Brevard College

     Michael Harrah, P/K (PWO)

     Hayden Kilgore, K (PWO)

     Chase Froedge, LS (PWO)

     Jaxon Youngblood, P (PWO) COMMITTED

Greensboro College

Huntingdon College

     Cameron Clark, K/P (PWO)

​LaGrange College

     Reagan Harrell, P (PWO)

     Noah Hughes, K (PWO)

     Brandon McGuinnes, K (PWO)

     Ashton Musgrove, K/P (PWO)

     Hayden Kilgore, K (PWO)

     Charlie Harless, P (PWO)

     Avery Kingston, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

     John Kerley, K (PWO)

Maryville College

     Trey Hampton, K (PWO) COMMITTED

Methodist University

     Ian Switzer, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

North Carolina Wesleyan College

     Trey Parker, LS (PWO) COMMITTED

     Ewan Kenny, K/P (PWO)

Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (WIAC)

University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

University of Wisconsin La Crosse

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

University of Wisconsin Platteville

University of Wisconsin River Falls

     Cade Henry, K (PWO) COMMITTED

University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

University of Wisconsin Stout

University of Wisconsin Whitewater


Thomas More College (2019, NAIA)

Keystone College (2019)



Frontier Conference

Carroll College

Eastern Oregon University

     Daniel Stewart, K/P

College of Idaho

​Montana State University Northern

     Noah Karwacki, K/P

     Drew Maycumber, LS (PWO)

     Alex Petruzzello, K/P

     Daniel Stewart, K/P

Montana Tech University

     Ryan Lowry, K SIGNED

University of Montana Western

Rocky Mountain College

Southern Oregon University

     Daniel Stewart, K/P COMMITTED

Great Plains Athletic Conference (GPAC)

Briar Cliff University

Concordia University Nebraska

     Ethan Robertson, K

     Oscar Simon, K/P

Dakota Wesleyan University

Doane University

​Dordt College

     Alfredo Gutierrez, P/WR

     Andrew Schreiner, P

​Hastings College

     Ethan Robertson, K

University of Jamestown

Midland University

Morningside College

Northwestern College

Heart of America Athletic Conference (HAAC)

North Division

Benedictine College

​Culver-Stockton College

     Cameron Clark, K/P

     Garrett Childers, K/P

     Max Ahuja, LS

     Justin Pollock, LS

     Brody Palmer, K

     Zach Ramay, P

     Peyton Bush, K/P

     Carter LaCoursiere, K/P

     Austin Roderick, P

     Brandon McGuiness, K

     Andre Mazur, K/P

     Alan Guerrieri, K/P

     Noah Hughes, K

     Alex Petruzzello, K/P

     Oscar Simon, K/P SIGNED

Graceland University

     Tim McCutchen, K

Grand View University

     Austin Stewart, LS

​Peru State College

     Cameron Clark, K/P

William Penn University

     Alex Herrera, K/P

     David Stone, LS

South Division

Baker University

     Kanyon Sanders, P SIGNED

     Ross Brungardt, P/K

Central Methodist University

     Colten Menges, LS/TE

     Connor Beeken, K SIGNED

Evangel University

     Max Ahuja, LS/DL SIGNED

     Justice Webber, K SIGNED

MidAmerica Nazarene University

     Nathan Eastin, K/P

Missouri Valley College

     Matt Stanton, K

     Brayden Chandler, LS

Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference (KCAC)

Avila University

Bethany College (KS)

     Alex Petruzzello, K/P

     David Stone, LS

Bethel College

Friends University

     Colten Menges, LS/TE

Kansas Wesleyan University

     Jonathan Perry, LS

     David Stone, LS

     Jaime Medina, K/P SIGNED

McPherson College

     Jonathan Perry, LS

     Colten Menges, LS/TE

     Michael Harrah, P/K

     Nate McCormack, LS COMMITTED

     Kenny Pham, P

     John Kerley, K

     Ashton Dodd, K/P

Ottawa University Kansas

University of Saint Mary

     Koby Tryggestad, LS

     Colten Menges, LS/TE

     Austin Stewart, LS

     David Stone, LS

Southwestern College

Sterling College

     Kevin Thompson, LS

     Austin Rychlik, K

     David Stone, LS

Tabor College

Mid-South Conference (MSC)

Appalachian Division

Bluefield College

University of the Cumberlands

     Ashton Dodd, K/P

     Ford Hayes, LS

University of Pikeville

     J.C. Vega, LS

     Cameron Clark, K/P

     Drew Vermillion, P

​Point University

     Cameron Clark, K/P

     Charlie Harless, P

Reinhardt University

     Cameron Clark, K/P SIGNED

     Tyler Price, P SIGNED

     Noah Hughes, K SIGNED

     Codey Bennett, LS SIGNED

​St. Andrews University

     Hayden Schuster, K

     Devin Baldwin, K/P

     Elwyn Yount, K

     Cameron Clark, K/P

     Zach Morgan, K/P

Union College

     Sean Ralls, K/P

     Charlie Harless, P

Bluegrass Division

Bethel University

     Weston Landry, K

     Kanyon Sanders, P

     Charlie Harless, P

​Campbellsville University

Cincinnati Christian University

     Kyle Farfsing, K

     Tyler Price, P

     Dominic Hahner, K/P

     Thomas Reny, LS

     Willie Johnson, K/P

     Dane Smith, LS

     Thomas Yarbrough, LS

​Cumberland University

     Robbie Brewington, K SIGNED

     Matthew Pewitt, P SIGNED

​Georgetown College

     Nathan Hazlett, K/P

     Sean Ralls, K/P

     Cameron Clark, K/P

Kentucky Christian University

     Austin Stewart, LS

     Alex Petruzzello, K/P

Lindsey Wilson College

     Cameron Clark, K/P

     Sean Ralls, K/P

     Briggs Marcantel, K

     Gregory Blue, K/P

     Ashton Dodd, K/P

     Austin Paige, K

Sun Division

Ave Maria University

     Anthony Einhorn, K

Edward Waters College

Faulkner University

     Noah Karwacki, K/P

​Keiser University

​Southeastern University

St. Thomas University

     Ethan Robertson, K COMMITTED

Warner University

Webber International University

Mid-States Football Association (MSFA)


Concordia University Ann Arbor

     Carter LaCoursiere, K/P

     Seth Steinacker, LS

     Cameron Gillis, K

     Kenneth Webb, P SIGNED

     Nick Painter, LS SIGNED

Indiana Wesleyan University

     Brayden Johnson, P/K

Lindenwood University Belleville

Marian University

     Ethan Warren, LS

     Sam Lupear, LS SIGNED

     Carter LaCoursiere K/P SIGNED

     Brayden Johnson, P/K

     Ty Nibbs, P

     Dustin Rieser, K/P SIGNED

​Missouri Baptist University

     Zach Ramay, P

     Cameron Clark, K/P

Siena Heights University

     Kyle Rhonehouse, K/P

     Alec Thelen, K/P

     Thomas Reny, LS

     Jerod Landrum, K COMMITTED

Taylor University

     Sean Callahan, LS SIGNED

     Zane Shilts, K/P SIGNED

University of Saint Francis (IN)

     Collin Kinniry, LS

     Derek Robb, K SIGNED

     Carter LaCoursiere, K/P


Olivet Nazarene University

     Cameron Clark, K/P

Robert Morris University

​Saint Xavier University

St. Ambrose University

     Alex Knoebel, LS SIGNED

     Brendan Latham, K/P

​Trinity International University

     Adrian Tamayo, LS

     Elijah Perez, P

University of St. Francis (IL)

     Cameron Clark K/P

     Alex Petruzzello, K/P

North Star Athletic Association (NSAA)

Dakota State University

​Dickinson State University

​Mayville State University

Presentation College

     Maxwell Welch, K SIGNED

Valley City State University

     Jaden Boling, K,

Waldorf College

Sooner Athletic Conference (SAC)

Arizona Christian University

     Aaron Castillo, LS

​Langston University

Lyon College

Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Ottawa University Arizona

     Daniel Stewart, K/P

     Landon Reeves K SIGNED

     Joseph Wiysel, LS COMMITTED

     Charles Hayes, K

​Southwestern Assemblies of God University

     Cameron Clark, K/P

Texas College

Texas Wesleyan University

     Kaleb Cue, K/P

     Steven Opella, K (PWO)

​Wayland Baptist University

Independent & Future

Allen University

     Charlie Harless, P

     Diego Medina, K

     Hayden Kilgore, K

     Reagan Harrell, P

Clarke University

     Pat Williams, K

     Jesus Arias, K/P

     Kanyon Sanders, P

     Oscar Simon, K/P

     Adrian Tamayo, LS SIGNED

Lawrence Technological University (MSFA)

     Jackson Cooney, K/P

Madonna University (MSFA, 2020)

     Carter LaCoursiere, K/P

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