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2018 College Specialist Commitments

All specialists on this list are committed. If you see 'signed' beside the player's name, then it has been confirmed the player signed an NLI or other athletic final aid agreement. It is sometimes difficult to determine whether or not a player received scholarship money, especially for divisions below FBS that can offer partial scholarships. NCAA Division III schools do not offer athletic scholarships, so, technically, all D3 players are walk-ons. However, D3 schools can offer generous financial aid packages for students who are athletes. Please notify us by email at or on Twitter if you do not see correct information, especially if you know that a player has received scholarship money or is a preferred walk-on (PWO). We strive to be as accurate as possible.

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Boston College

   Donny Longman, K (PWO)

   John Tessitore, K (signed 12/20/17)

   Garrett Reilley, P (PWO)

Clemson University

   B.T. Potter, K  (signed 12/20/17)

Duke University

   Matt Eklund (PWO)

Florida State University

Georgia Tech University

   Cliff Gandis, K (PWO)

   Wesley Wells, K (PWO)

   Cade Long, LS (PWO)

University of Louisville

   Reegan Leen LS (PWO)

University of Miami

   Bubba Baxa, K (signed 12/20/17)

   Camden Price, P (PWO)

   Clay James, LS (PWO)

   Sulemon Burrows, K, (PWO)

University of North Carolina

   Mats Pokela, P (PWO)

   Nicky Solomon, P/K, (PWO)

North Carolina State University

   Christopher Dunn, K (signed 12/20/17)

   Mackenzie Morgan, P (blueshirt)

   Will Morton, P (PWO)

   Griffin Hicks, LS (PWO)

University of Pittsburgh

   Will Connelly, K (PWO)

​   Ethan Van Buskirk, P/K (PWO)

   Grey Brancifort, LS (PWO)

Syracuse University

   Cory Smigel, K (Blueshirt)

   Aaron Bolinsky, LS (PWO)

University of Virginia

   Hunter Pearson, K (signed 12/20/17)

   Jack Collins, K (PWO)

   Lee Dudley, LS (PWO)

   Tucker Finkelston, LS (PWO)

   Jerry Horng K/P, (PWO)

Virginia Tech University

   Oscar Shadley, LS (signed 12/20/17)

Wake Forest University

   Cam Lischke, K (PWO)

   Nicolas Sciba, K (signed 12/20/17)

   Noah Turner, LS (PWO)

   Darren Ford, K (GR)

   Eric Osteen, K (GR)



University of Cincinnati

   Grant Simon, K (PWO)

   Blake Bammann, LS (PWO)

   Tyler Inoles, P (PWO)

University of Connecticut

   Clay Harris, K (PWO)

   Noah Iden, K/P (PWO)

East Carolina University

   John Young, P

   Michael Tilley, K (PWO)

   Steve Arquiette, K (PWO)

University of Houston

   Grayson Yeager, LS (PWO)

University of Memphis

   Trey Neal, LS


   Daniel Davies, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

   Benny Fee, K/P (signed)

   Luke Grayson, LS (signed)

   Cameron Shook, P (signed 12/20/17)

Southern Methodist University

   Cole Voyles, LS (PWO)

   Warren Scott, P (PWO)

University of South Florida

   Trent Schneider, P (signed 12/20/17)

   Andrew Beardall, LS (PWO)

   Ian Deneen, LS (PWO)

Temple University

   Zach Kirby, P (Blueshirt)

   Travis Malinowski, LS

   Joe Tacopina, K (PWO)

Tulane University

   Sterling Stockwell, K (PWO)

   Ryan Wright, P (signed 12/20/17)

   Casey Glover, K (PWO)

University of Tulsa

   Kevin Neitzke, K/P (PWO)

University of Central Florida

   Ben Norton, K/P (PWO)

   Andrew Osteen, P/K (PWO)

   Evan Dvorchik, LS


BIG 12

Baylor University

   John Mayers, K (PWO)

   Isaac Power, P (signed 12/20/17)

Iowa State University

   Brayden Narveson, K (signed 12/20/17)

   Corey Dunn, P (signed 12/20/17)

   Joseph Ramos, LS (PWO)

   Connor Guess, LS (PWO)

University of Kansas

   Donovan Gagen, P/K (PWO)

Kansas State University

   Randen Plattner, LS (PWO)

   Jeremy Collier, P (graduate)

   Jack Blumer, P (PWO)

   Maxwell Poduska, K (PWO)

University of Oklahoma

   Gabe Brkic, K (PWO)

   Zach Edwards, LS

   Jax Wilson, LS (PWO)

   Stephen Johnson K (PWO)

Oklahoma State University

   Grant Becker, K (PWO)

   Alex Hale, K (PWO)

Texas Christian University

   Antonio Ortiz, LS (PWO)

University of Texas

   Cameron Dicker, K (signed 12/20/17)

   Ryan Bujcevski, P (signed 12/20/17)

   Justin Mader, LS

Texas Tech University

   Reed Bowman, P (PWO)

   Trey Wolff, P/K (PWO)

West Virginia University

   Skyler Simcox, K (signed 12/20/17)

   Casey Legg, K (PWO)

   Jack Hadley, LS (PWO)

BIG 10

University of Illinois

   Caleb Griffin, K (PWO)

   Ron Gaines III, LS (PWO)

Indiana University

   Charles Campbell, K (signed 12/20/17)

University of Iowa

   Turner Pallissard, LS (PWO)

University of Maryland

   Joseph Petrino, K (signed 12/20/17)

   Bentley Faulkner, K/P (PWO)

   James Rosenberry, LS (PWO)

University of Michigan

   Adam Culp, K (PWO)

   Jake Moody, K

   George Caratan, P (PWO)

Michigan State University

   William Przystup, P (PWO)

   Parks Gissinger, LS/DE (PWO)

University of Minnesota

   Brock Walker, K (PWO)

   Michael Vojvodich, LS (PWO)

   Alex Melvin, P (graduate)

University of Nebraska

   Barret Pickering, K (signed 12/20/17)

   Cameron Pieper, LS (PWO)

   Alec Cromer, P (PWO)

Northwestern University

   Jake Collins, P (graduate)

   Jake Genyk, P (PWO)

Ohio State University

   Roen McCullough, LS (PWO)

   Dominic DiMaccio, K (PWO)

   Zach Hoover, P (PWO)

Penn State University

   Rafael Checa, K (PWO)

   Vlad Hilling, K (PWO)

   Jake Pinegar, K (signed 12/20/17)

   Matthew Aloni, LS (PWO)

   Kevin Cahill, LS (PWO)

Purdue University

   Alex McCourt, K (PWO)

Rutgers University

   Adam Korsak, P (signed 12/20/17)

   Zach Sterr, K/P (PWO)

University of Wisconsin

   Colin Larsh, K (PWO)

   Conor Schlichting, P (PWO)


University of Alabama Birmingham

   Wilson Beaverstock, K/P (PWO)

   Cole Kizziah, LS (PWO)

   Kyle Greenwell, P (signed)

Florida International University

   Thomas Leo, P

Florida Atlantic University

   Jesse Williams, K (PWO)

   Austin Laszewski, P (transfer)

   Sebastian Riella, P (PWO)

Louisiana Tech University

   Bailey Hale, K (transfer)

   Kyle Conrad, LS (transfer)

Marshall University

   Justin Rohrwasser, K (signed 12/20/2017)

Middle Tennessee State University

   Samuel French, K (PWO)

   Jack Dunphy, LS (PWO)

University of North Carolina Charlotte

   Jonathan Cruz, K (signed 2/7/18)

   John Brosnahan, P (PWO)

   Trey Smelcer, P (PWO)

University of North Texas

   Cole Hedlund, K (graduate)

   Ethan Mooney, K

   Sam Lucas, LS (PWO)

Old Dominion University

   Alex Burton, P/K (PWO)

   Blake Ashley, LS (PWO)

   B.R. Hatcher, LS (signed 12/20/17)

   Kyle Nalley, P (PWO)

Rice University

   Nick McQuarry, K (PWO)

   Campbell Riddle, LS (PWO)

University of Southern Mississippi

   Payton Snyder, P (PWO)

   T.J. Harvey, LS (signed 12/20/17)

   Justin Hulett, LS (PWO)

University of Texas El Paso

   Gavin Baechle, K/P (PWO)

   Mitchell Crawford, P (signed)

   Ryan Warren, LS (signed 2/7/18)

University of Texas San Antonio

   Logan Burke, P (PWO)

   Erik Baughman, K, (transfer)

Western Kentucky University

   Chase Lanham, K (PWO)

   Adam Krause, P (PWO)


University of Akron

   Ethan Slike, K/P (PWO)

   Kyle Bauman, LS (PWO)

Ball State University

   Patrick LeCorre, P/K (signed 2/7/18)

Bowling Green State University

   Nate Needham, K (Blueshirt)

   Mason Lawler, P (PWO)

   Niall Sweeney, K (PWO)

University of Buffalo

   Alex McNulty, K (PWO)

Central Michigan University

   Ryan Tice, K/P (transfer)

   Franklin Lama, LS (PWO)

Eastern Michigan University

   Chad Ryland, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Vinnie Patteri, P (signed 2/7/18)

   Steven Bird, LS (PWO)

Kent State University

   Dalton DeChristopher, K (Blueshirt)

   Matthew Trickett, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Jack Halper, LS

Miami University (OH)

Northern Illinois University

   Andrew Gantz, K (graduate)

   John Richardson, K (signed 12/20/17)

   Erik Abrell, LS (PWO)

Ohio University

   Justin Holloway, LS (PWO)

University of Toledo

   Thomas Cluckey, K/P (PWO)

   C.J. Nossaman, LS (PWO)

   Joshua Tilque, LS (PWO)

Western Michigan University

   Gavin Peddie, K (PWO)

   Nick Mihalic, P (signed 12/20/17)

   Bryce Bouwens, LS (PWO)

   Cameron Braaten, P (PWO)


Air Force Academy

   Brice Honaker, K (signed 2/7/18)

   William Broadus, P (signed 2/7/18)

   Brock Assel, LS (signed 12/21/17)

   Brendan Bentley, LS (signed 2/7/18)

Boise State University

   Blake Biby, LS (transfer)

Colorado State University

   Jonathan Terry, K/P (PWO)

   Ross Reiter, LS (signed 12/20/17)

   Huck Vollmar, LS (PWO)

Fresno State University

   Shane Ciucci, K (PWO)

   Mateo Thompson, K (PWO)

   Carson King, P (PWO)

University of Hawaii

   Wyatt Tucker, LS (transfer)

   Nino Alibegic, K (tranfer)

University of Nevada

   Eric Fellenzer, P (PWO)

   Austin Ortega, LS (PWO)

University of New Mexico

   Tyson Dyer, P (signed 12/20/17)

   Stephen Ruiz, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

   Danny Sutton, K (graduate transfer)

   Dylan Kelly-Romero, K (PWO)

   Donovan Murphree, K/P (PWO)

San Diego State University

   Matt Araiza, K/P (signed 12/20/17)

San Jose State University

   Matthew Mercurio, K (PWO)

University of Nevada Las Vegas

   Nikola Kresovich, LS (PWO)

   Patrick McInerney, LS (PWO)

Utah State University

   Noah Howell, LS (PWO)

   Chance Nelson, LS (PWO)

   Taylor Hintze, K (PWO)

University of Wyoming

   Jesse Hooper, LS (signed 12/20/17)


University of Arizona

   Dylan Klumph, P (graduate)

   Geno Albini, LS (PWO)

Arizona State University

   Joseph Zepp, K (PWO)

   Kevin Macias, P (PWO)

   Erick Dickerson, LS 

   Michael Turk, P (transfer)

University of California

   Slater Zellers, LS (signed 12/20/17)

   Greg Thomas, K (PWO)

   Dario Longhetto, K/P (PWO)

University of Colorado

   Evan Price, K (PWO)

   Tyler Francis, K (PWO)

   Sam Loy, P (transfer)

   Seren Hughes-Ford, P (PWO)

   James Townsend, LS (PWO)

University of Oregon

   Tom Snee, P (signed)

   Karsten Battles, LS (signed 12/22/17)

   Peyton Yanagi, LS (PWO)

   Taylor Koth, K, (PWO)

Oregon State University

   Mitchell McCullough LS (PWO)

Stanford University

   Alex Gracey, P (PWO)

   Kyle Petrucci, LS (PWO)

   Jack Chapman, LS (PWO)

University of California Los Angeles

   Quentin Wallace, K (PWO)

   Collin Flintoft, P (PWO)

University of Southern California

   Alex Stadhaus, K (PWO)

   Jac Casasante, LS (PWO)

University of Utah

   Preston Pitt, P (PWO)

   Maddie Golden, LS (signed 8/27/2018)

University of Washington

   Dylan Williams, K (PWO)

Washington State University

   Oscar Draguicevich, P (signed)

   Oliver Graybar, K/P (transfer)

   Logan Prescott, K (PWO)

   Tyler Willilams, LS (PWO)

   Blake Mazza, K/P (PWO)


University of Alabama

   Austin Jones, K (graduate)

   Skyler Delong, P (signed 12/20/17)

   Jack Hall, LS (PWO)

University of Arkansas

   Reid Bauer, K (PWO)

   Preston Stafford, K (PWO)

   Matthew Phillip, P (PWO)

   Chad Stephens, P (PWO)

   Christopher Lopez, K (PWO)

Auburn University

   Arryn Siposs, P (signed 2/7/18)

University of Florida

   Evan McPherson, K (signed 12/20/17)

   Marco Ortiz, LS (PWO)

University of Georgia

   Jake Camarda, P/K (signed 12/20/17)

   Payne Walker, LS (PWO)

   Landon Stratton, P (graduate)

   Palmer Henderson, LS (PWO)

   Jack Podlesny, K (PWO)

University of Kentucky

   Chance Poore, K (signed 12/20/17)

   Max Duffy, P (signed 12/20/17)

Louisiana State University

   Cole Tracy, K (graduate, signed 12/20/17)

   Avery Atkins, K (PWO)

   Will Cox, LS (PWO)

University of Mississippi

   Anthony Brocato, P (PWO)

   Owen Pendergast, K/P (PWO)

   John Raines, LS (PWO)

   Spencer Cole, P (PWO)

Mississippi State University

   Paul Blackwell, LS (PWO)

   Tyler Smith, K (PWO, transfer)

   Cole Deeds, K (PWO)

   Scott Goodman, K (PWO)

University of Missouri

   Matthew Jaeger, K (PWO)

   Jake Hoffman, LS (PWO)

   Josh Dodge, P (PWO)

University of South Carolina

   Cole Hanna, K (PWO)

University of Tennessee

   Grayson Pontius, P (PWO)

   Ryan Tice, K (graduate)

   Paxton Brooks, P (signed 12/20/17)

Texas A&M University

   Seth Small, P/K (signed 12/20/17)

   Colton Bergt, LS (PWO)

Vanderbilt University

   Javan Rice, K (signed 12/20/17)

   Pierson Cooke, P/K (PWO)

   Parker Thome, P (graduate, signed 2/7/18)

   Zach Drevno, LS (PWO)

   Harrison Smith, P (PWO)


Appalachian State University

   John Gliarmis, K (PWO)

   Walker Gliarmis, K (PWO)

   Cody Creed, K/P (PWO)

   Max Durschlag, LS (PWO)

Arkansas State University

   Collin Crawford, K (PWO)

   Aaron Sears, K (PWO)

   Charles DeRosier, LS (PWO)

   Ryan Jurczak, LS (PWO)

Coastal Carolina University

   Massimo Biscardi, K (signed 12/20/17)

   C.J. Schrimpf, LS (PWO)

Georgia Southern University

   Anthony Beck II, P/TE (PWO)

   Bryce Christensen, K/P (Blueshirt)

   Payton Dunagan, LS (PWO)

   Jake Karesh, K (PWO)

Georgia State University

   Charlie Flint, LS (PWO)

   Mateo Rengifo, K (PWO)

University of Idaho

University of Louisiana Lafayette

   Rhys Byrns, P (signed 2/7/18)

   Blake Davis, P (PWO)

   Kyle Pfau, K (PWO, graduate transfer)

   Kenneth Almendares, K (PWO)

University of Louisiana Monroe

   Jacob Meeks, K

   Devin Parker, K (PWO)

   Mark Deaves, P (signed 12/20/17)

   Trey Corley, LS (PWO)

   Chandler Moses, LS (PWO)

   Matt Wylie, K (graduate transfer)

   Craig Walker, K (PWO)

New Mexico State University

   Austin Reeves, LS (transfer)

University of South Alabama

   Johnny Kilgo, P (PWO)

   Michael Moore, LS (PWO)

Texas State University

   Chris Kessler, K (signed 12/20/17)

   Clayton Stewart, P/K (signed 2/7/18)

   Will McDaniel, P (PWO)

Troy University

   Brennen Milliron, LS (PWO)

   Tyler Hussey, LS (PWO)



   Matteo Cordray, K (signed 12/20/17)

   Miller Kronk, K (appointed 12/18/17)

   Will van Pamelen, K (signed 12/22/17)

   Cole Talley, K (signed 12/20/17)

   Zach Harding, P (signed 2/7/18)

   Will Hetzinger, P (signed 12/20/2017)

   Brendan Knoespel, LS (signed 12/20/17)

   Bailey Schroeder, K (signed)

   Gavyn Jones, LS (signed)

Brigham Young University

   Cash Peterman, K

   Skyler Southam, K (signed 2/3/16)

   Danny Jones, P (signed 2/7/18)

   Justen Smith, K/P

   Austin Riggs, LS (PWO)

University of Massachusetts

   Cooper Garcia, K (signed 2/7/18)

   George Georgopoulos, P (signed 2/13/18)

   Evan Deters, LS (signed 2/7/18)

University of Notre Dame

   Jake Rittman, P/K

   Michael Vinson, LS (PWO)

Liberty University

   Aaron Peart, P (transfer)

   Jonah Williams, K (PWO)




California Polytechnic State University

   Mitch Souza, K/P

Eastern Washington University

   Seth Harrison, K/Pa

University of Idaho

Idaho State University

   Campbell Sheidow, K

   Kevin Ryan, K

   Kyle Taylor, K

University of Montana

   Nathaniel Ferguson, P (PWO)

Montana State University

   Tristan Bailey, K (signed 12/20/2017)

   Todd Payne, DE/LS

Northern Arizona University

   Jake Veach, K (PWO)

   Cameron Horsting, P

   Anthony Rusch, K/P (PWO)

Northern Colorado University

Portland State University

   Cody Williams, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Zachary Phillipo, LS

   Gabriel Cervantes, LS

   Ward Bonnin K/P

Sacramento State University

   Owen Hoolihan, P (graduate, signed 2/7/18)

   Derrick Valencia, K/P (PWO)

   Ricky Purvis, K (PWO)

University of Southern Utah

   Jacob Johnston, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

   Jayden Clark, LS/LB (signed 2/7/18)

University of California Davis

   John Aloma, LS (signed 2/7/18)

Weber State University

University of North Dakota

   Cade Peterson, P (signed 12/20/17)

   Ross Hinders, LS (signed 12/20/17)


Campbell University

   Robert Brown, K

   Freddie Kane, K/P (PWO)

   Jackson Hayes, LS (PWO)

Charleston Southern University

Gardner-Webb University

   Zach Nicholson, P (PWO)

   Crimmins Hankinson, P (signed)

Hampton University

   Evan Lomax, K/P (signed 12/20/17)

   Justin Jackson, LS (PWO)

Kennesaw State University

   Sean Henderson, K (PWO)

   Eli Spivey, LS (PWO)

   Adam Posey, P/K (PWO)

Monmouth University

   Ryan Kost, P

   Kent Vines, LS

   Jake Horoshko, LS (PWO)

   Kyle Butts, K (transfer)

Presbyterian College

   Marin Sanders, K

   Drew Gilbert, K 


University of Albany

   Michael Bobak, K/P

   Jake Cuomo, P (PWO)

   Luke Clement, P/K (PWO)

University of Delaware

Elon University

   Skyler Davis, K (signed 2/7/18)

James Madison University

   Camden Wise, K (signed 12/20/17)

   Josh Thomas, P (PWO)

   Carson Todd, LS (PWO)

University of Maine

   David Gelb, K (signed 2/7/18)

University of New Hampshire

   Jordan Conn, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

University of Rhode Island

   Perry Shelbred, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

   Griffin Saks, LS (signed 2/7/18)

University of Richmond

   Micah Breckenridge, K/P (signed 12/20/17)

   Duncan Trau, K (PWO)

   Grant Gluhaich, LS (grad transfer)

Stony Brook University

   Mitchell Wright, P (signed)

   Kris McDonald, K (PWO)

Towson University

   Stephen Oscar, K (signed 4/19/18)

   Brandon Chiazza, K (transfer)

   Conrad Brake, LS (transfer)

Villanova University

   Nathan Fondacaro, K (signed 12/20/17)

College of William & Mary

   Will Whitehurst, K (PWO)


Brown University

   Dylan Brady, K (signed 2/7/18)

Columbia University

   Parker Lefton, LS (signed 2/7/18)

Cornell University

​   Koby Kiefer, P 

   Scott Lees, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

   Thomas Ferrara, LS

Dartmouth College

   Connor Davis, K (signed 2/12/18)

Harvard University

   Jonah Lipel, K (signed 12/20/17)

   Jon Sot, P (signed 12/20/17)

University of Pennsylvania

   Daniel Karrash, K (signed 12/20/17)

   Jake Haggard, P

Princeton University

   George Triplett, P (signed)

Yale University

   Ajay Culhane, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Nick Tibbetts, LS (signed 2/7/18)


Bethune-Cookman University

Delaware State University

Florida A&M University

Howard University

   Faraji Joseph, K 

Morgan State University

   Nick O'Shea, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

   Zach Castano, LS/LB (signed 2/7/18)

   Taylor Thompson, K/P 

Norfolk State University

   Owen Malik, K

North Carolina A&T State University

   Michael Rivers, P/K (signed 2/7/18)

North Carolina Central University

  John Pecaro, P (signed 2/7/18)

  Jonathan De Lucca, K 

Savannah State University

South Carolina State University

   Dillon Bredesen, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Austin Kemp, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

   Josh Pringle, LS

   Caleb Brown, LS


Illinois State University

   Trevor Bond, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Joey Malinowski, LS (signed 12/20/17)

Indiana State University

   Kelvin Sanders, K (PWO)

   ​Travis Reiner, P (signed 12/20/17)

   Lucas White, P (PWO)

   Vaughan Hallstrom, K (PWO)

Missouri State University

   Nick Williams, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Parker Lacina, K (PWO)

North Dakota State University

   Nick Phelps, K/P (PWO)

   Mason Schwerzler, P (PWO)

University of Northern Iowa

University of South Dakota

   Mason Lorber, K (PWO)

   Andrew Morrison, LS (PWO)

South Dakota State University

   Myles Johnson, P (signed 2/7/18; did not enroll)

Southern Illinois University

   Griffin Cera, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

Western Illinois University

   Luis Torres, K (PWO)

Youngstown State University

   Grant Gonya, K (signed 12/21/17)

   Nick DeSalvo, P (PWO)


Bryant University

   Ben Myers, K/P

Central Connecticut State University

Duquesne University

   Patrick McTiernan K/P

Robert Morris University

   Pete Matthews K

   George Souders III P

   Mike Benson K

   Jacob Wilson LS

   Bruce Leonard LS

Sacred Heart University

   Noah Gettman, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Preston Harless, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Jacob Smith, P/K

   Joe Erardi LS (PWO)

   Ronnie Vergona P/K (PWO)

   Jason Hirschauer K/P (PWO)

   Robert O'Donnell P (PWO)

Saint Francis University (PA)

   Trevor Thompson, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Hunter Becker, LS (signed 2/7/18)

   Chris Bernardine, LS/OL

Wagner College

   Aidan Mulreed, K/P

   Gunner Daniel, LS


Austin Peay State University

Eastern Illinois University

   Joshua Delgado, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Bryce Coulson, LS

   Stephen Elmore, LS (PWO)

Eastern Kentucky University

   Phillip Richards, P (signed 12/20/17)

   Drew Cassidy, K (PWO)

Jacksonville State University

   Jason Pierce, P (signed 2/7/18)

   Michael Moore, LS (PWO)

Murray State University

   Steve Dawson, P

Southeast Missouri State University

   Michael Cooney, K

Tennessee State University

   Kaleb Mosley, K (PWO)

   Antonio Zita, K (signed 12/20/17)

Tennessee Tech University

   Jarrett Key, LS (signed 2/7/18)

University of Tennessee Martin

   Landon Carter, P (signed 2/7/18)

   Joey Foley, P

   Brock Powers, LS

   Chris McAbee, LS


Bucknell University

   Chandler Turner, P/K

   Alex Apgar, P/K

Colgate University

   Jared Elstein, K

Fordham University

Georgetown University

   Zachary McBride, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

   Brady Weas, LS/DE

College of the Holy Cross

   Derek Ng, K (signed 5/7/18)

   Jack McAuley, LS/OL

Lafayette College

   Ed Rogowski, LS

Lehigh University

   Tucker Emighy, K/P (PWO)

   James Ball, K/P (PWO)


Butler University

   Liam Putz, K (signed 2/7/18)

Davidson College

University of Dayton

Drake University

   Eduardo Favela, K/P (signed)

Jacksonville University

   Andrew Brickweg, K

   Riley Garrison, P/K

   Kyle Prater, LS/RB (signed 2/7/18)

Marist College

   Max Heinrich, K (signed 12/21/18)

   Luke Paladino, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

Morehead State University

University of San Diego

   Brandon Eickert, K

Stetson University

   Colin Ibison, K (PWO)

   Noah Ledingham, K

Valparaiso University


University of Tennessee Chattanooga

   Gabe Boring, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

   Thomas Burks, P/K (signed 2/7/18)

The Citadel

   Matt Campbell, P/K (signed 2/7/18)

   Trey Gable, LS

East Tennessee State University

   Logan Bowers, P/K (signed 2/7/18)

   Grayson Lawson, LS (PWO)

   Chandlor Mullins, LS (signed 2/7/18)

Furman University

Mercer University

   Caleb Dowden, K (PWO)

   Philip Hatcher, LS (PWO)

Samford University

   Mitchell Fineran, K (signed 12/20/17)

   Camren Wood, LS (PWO)

Virginia Military Institute

Western Carolina University

   Richard McCollum, K

   Micah Randall, K (PWO)

Wofford College


Abilene Christian University

   Blair Zepeda, K (PWO)

   Joseph Mann, K/P

   Jake Walrath, K/P (PWO)

   Joseph Patterson, LS (PWO)

University of Central Arkansas

   Taylor Wallace, P (signed 12/20/2017)

   Raleigh Wood IV, LS (signed 12/20/2017)

Houston Baptist University

   Landon Stratton, P (signed 4/6/18)

University of the Incarnate Word

Lamar University

   Enrique Carmona, K (PWO)

McNeese State University

   Grayson Broussard, LS (PWO)

Nicholls State University

   Matthew Alfonso, P

Northwestern State University

   Evan Gibson, LS (PWO)

Sam Houston State University

   Bryson Porzenski, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Matt McRobert, P (signed 2/7/18)

Southeastern Louisiana University

   Nathan Holliday, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Russell St. Romain, K/P (PWO)

Stephen F. Austin State University

   Chase Ruiz, LS (PWO)


Alabama A&M University

Alabama State University

Alcorn State University

   Beto Aguirre, K (signed 2/7/18)

University of Arkansas Pine Bluff

   Jonah Penalver, LS

Grambling State University

Jackson State University

Mississippi Valley State University

   Aaron Quiambao, K/P

Prairie View A&M University

Southern University

Texas Southern University



Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA)

Bowie State University

Chowan University

   Todd Anspach, K/P

   Jimmy Chambers, P

   Corbin Robertson, LS

Elizabeth City State University

Fayetteville State University

   Zachary Chamblee, LS

Johnson C. Smith University

Lincoln University (PA)

   Cole Klubek, K (signed 12/20/17)

Livingstone College

St. Augustine's University

Shaw University

Virginia State University

Virginia Union University

Winston-Salem State University

Great Midwest Athletic Conference (G-MAC)

Alderson Broaddus University

University of Findlay

Hillsdale College

Kentucky Wesleyan College

Lake Erie College

   Anthony McCance, LS

Malone University

   Justin Smith, K/P

Ohio Dominican University

Walsh University

   Tristen Ball, K (signed 2/17/18)

   Chad Mirolo, K

Great American Conference (GAC)

Arkansas Tech University

   Jesus Zizumbo, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Sean Dorney, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

   Ty French, P/K (signed 2/7/18)

University of Arkansas Monticello

   Mason Caldwell, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Angel Quiroga, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

East Central University

Harding University

   Noah Holsinger, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

   Savana Melton, K/P

Henderson State University

   Temo Martinez, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Clay Thompson, LS (PWO)

Northwestern Oklahoma State University

   Nick Dill, K (signed 2/7/18)

Oklahoma Baptist University

Ouachita Baptist University

   Jake Ford, P

Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Southern Arkansas University

   Austin Wilkerson, K

Southern Nazarene University

   Landon Hamlin, K (signed 2/7/18)

Southwestern Oklahoma State University

   Jackson Wilhite, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Ryan Buchanan, K/P

   Connor MacArthur, WR/LS (signed 2/7/18)

Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC)

Ashland University

   Chase Dinan, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Kevin Laming, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Nick Tarabella, K (PWO)

Davenport University

   Gabe Becker, LS (signed 2/7/18)

   Jacob Walker, LS (signed 2/7/18)

Ferris State University

   Jermaine Roemer, K//P

Grand Valley State University

   Josh Gorball, K (signed 2/7/18)

Michigan Technical University

   Eric Zeboor, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

Northern Michigan University

   Daniel Riser, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

Northwood University

   Parker Blust, P (signed 2/7/18)

   Evan Jennings, LS (signed 2/7/18)

Saginaw Valley State University

​   Connor Luksic, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

Tiffin University

   David Orlando, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

Wayne State University

   Shane Hynes, K, University of South Carolina (graduate transfer from Kent State)

Great Lakes Valley Conference (GLVC)

University of Indianapolis

   Tanner Heick, K (PWO)

   Jake Wallman, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

   Avery Wilson, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

   Levi McKinney, LS (signed 2/7/18)

Lincoln University (MO)

   Fernando Ramirez, K (signed 2/7/18)

McKendree University

Missouri University of Science &Technology

Quincy University

St. Joseph's College (operations suspended)

Southwest Baptist University

Truman State University

   Nick Johnson, K (PWO)

   Joshua Scheiderer, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

   Bennett Fulsom, LS (PWO)

William Jewell College

   Gray Paholke, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Brady Monks, P/WR (signed 2/7/18)

Great Northwest Athletic Conference (GNAC)

Azusa Pacific University

   Spencer Luce, LS (signed 2/7/18)

Central Washington University

Humboldt State University

Simon Fraser University

Western Oregon University

Gulf South Conference (GSC)

Delta State University

   Taylor Crabtree, K (signed 2/7/18)

Florida Institute of Technology

   Jeff Martini, K

   Trey Schaneville, K (signed 2/7/18)

Mississippi College

North Greenville University

Shorter University

   Noah Hightower, LS (PWO)

Valdosta State University

   Ty Hinson, LS/OL (signed 2/7/18)

University of West Alabama

   Joseph Gannon, K (PWO)

   Nathan Cobb, P/K (signed 2/7/18)

University of West Florida

   Dawson Hamlin, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

University of West Georgia

   John Miller, K (signed 2/7/18)

   C.J. Martin, P/K (PWO)

Lone Star Conference (LSC)

Angelo State University

   Caleb Conaway, K (signed 3/28/18)

   Mitchell Horton, K (signed 2/15/18)

   Gabriel Gridley, P

Eastern New Mexico University

Midwestern State University

   Dylan Spears, P (signed 2/15/18)

Tarleton State University

   Joanly Martinez, K (signed 2/7/18)

Texas A&M University Commerce

   Emmanuel Adagbon, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Jonathan Figueroa, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Jacob Zepeda, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Chance Work, LS (signed 2/7/18)

Texas A&M University Kingsville

University of Texas Periman Basin

West Texas A&M University

   Aaron Coash, K

Western New Mexico University

Mountain East Conference (MEC)

University of Charleston

Concord University

   Luke Walls, K (signed 2/7/18)

Fairmont State University

   Christian Alvarez, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Braxton Baker, LS (signed 2/7/18)

Glenville State College

   Noah Wilson, K

Notre Dame College

   Dominic Buttazzoni, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

   Joey Catalano, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

   Michael Webster, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

Shepherd University

   Joseph Massaro, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

   Noah Pohl, P (signed 2/7/18)

   Nicholas Wissinger, LS (signed 2/7/18)

Urbana University

University of Virginia Wise

   Austin Davis, K (signed 2/7/18)

West Liberty University

West Virginia State University

West Virginia Wesleyan College

Wheeling Jesuit University (2019)

Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association (MIAA)

University of Central Missouri

   Chris Diddle, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Sam Knowlton, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

University of Central Oklahoma

Emporia State University

   Clark Schoonover, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Derek Hahn, LS (PWO)

   Austin Passmore, LS (PWO)

Fort Hays State University

   Joshua Boles, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Nathan Rockwell, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Trey VanPelt, LS (signed 2/7/18)

Lindenwood University

   Mitch Abeln, LS (PWO)

Missouri Southern State University

   Riley Hathorn, K/P (signed 12/20/17)

   Jerry Barnes, LS (signed 12/20/17)

Missouri Western State University

   Thomas Kopcho, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Jack Rasmussen, P (signed 2/7/18)

University of Nebraska Kearney

   Brian Covarrubia, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

   Nathan Slusarksi, LS (PWO)

Northeastern State University

   Brady Ellsworth, K (signed 2/7/18)

Northwest Missouri State University

   Jackson Likens, K (signed 2/7/18)

Pittsburgh State University

Washburn University

Northeast 10 Conference (NE-10)

American International College

Assumption College

Bentley University

Franklin Pierce University (2019)

Long Island University Post

   Briant DeFelice, K (signed 2/7/18)

Merrimack College

   Michael Aresco, K

   Donovan Haynes, K (signed 2/7/18)

University of New Haven

   Calogero Caruso, K/P (signed 2/16/18)

Pace University

Saint Anselm College

   Kellen Dyer, LS

Southern Connecticut State University

Stonehill College

Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference (NSIC)

Augustana University

Bemidji State University

   Nathan Baranak, K/P (PWO)

   Dawson Breyer, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

Concordia University St. Paul

University of Mary

Minnesota State University Mankato

Minnesota State University Moorhead

   Andy Peterson, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Blake Ochsendorf, P (signed 2/7/18)

   Matthew Plieseis, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

University of Minnesota Crookston

   Jared McLemore, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Nathan McRoberts, P (signed 2/7/18)

University of Minnesota Duluth

Minot State University

Northern State University

   Payton Eue, K (signed 2/7/18)

St. Cloud State University

University of Sioux Falls

Southwest Minnesota State University

Upper Iowa University

   Jonathan Argueta-Herrera, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

Wayne State College

   Ryan Brauer, K (signed 2/7/18)

Winona State University

   Sean LaPlante, K (PWO)

   Morgan White, LS

Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC)

Bloomsburg University

California University (PA)

   D.J. Opsatnik, K (transfer, Alderson Broaddus)

   Kaden Watts, LS (PWO)

Cheyney University

Clarion University

East Stroudsburg University

Edinboro University

Gannon University

   Eric Scarpino, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

   Bryan Strybel, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

Indiana University (PA)

Kutztown University

   David Burns, K (signed 2/7/18)

Lock Haven University

   Austyn Carson, K/ATH (signed 2/7/18)

Mercyhurst University

Millersville University

Seton Hill University

   Hunter Miller, K (PWO)

   J.P. Watt, K

   Matt Bonish, LS

Shippensburg University

Slippery Rock University

   Jackson Gildea, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

   Jacob George, LS (signed 2/7/18)

West Chester University

Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC)

Adams State University

Black Hills State University

Chadron State College

Colorado Mesa University

Colorado School of Mines

   Jacob Click, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

Colorado State University Pueblo

   Mac Shaw, LS (signed 2/7/18)

Dixie State University

   Josh Carlson, P (signed 2/7/18)

   Dylan Douglass, LS (signed 2/7/18)

Fort Lewis College

New Mexico Highlands University

South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

Western State Colorado University

   Harrison Carew, K (PWO)

   Gabe Paznokas, LS (signed 2/7/18)

South Atlantic Conference (SAC)

Carson-Newman University

Catawba College

Lenoir-Rhyne University

Limestone College

   Nathan Baker, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Austin "A.J." Johnson, P (signed 2/19/18)

   A.J. Covan, LS

Mars Hill University

   Steven Sanchez, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Michael Johnson, P (signed 2/7/18)

   Chase McPherson, LS/C (signed 2/17/180

Newberry College

   Lawson Reel, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Justin Rivers, LS (signed 2/7/18)

Tusculum College

   Alan Andrzejewski, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Andrew Cantrell, P (signed 2/7/18)

Wingate University

   Amar Omerbasic, K

Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SIAC)

Albany State University

Benedict College

Central State University

Clark Atlanta University

Fort Valley State University

   Eli Mashburn, K (signed 2/7/18)

Kentucky State University

Lane College

Miles College

Morehouse College

   Jordy Andrade, P

Savannah State University (2019)

Tuskegee University


University of North Carolina Pembroke

Barton College (2020)



American Southwest Conference (ASC)

Belhaven University

East Texas Baptist University

Hardin-Simmons University

Howard Payne University

Louisiana College

   Brandon Hayden, K

   Quinn Viator, K

University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

McMurry University

   Tre Rubio, LS

Southwestern University

   Wil Herbst, K

   Ian Jones, K/P

Sul Ross State University

Texas Lutheran University

Centennial Conference (CC)

Dickinson College

Franklin & Marshall College

Gettysburg College

   Douglas Cummings, K/P

Johns Hopkins University

Juniata College

McDaniel College

   Peyton Denlinger, K

   John Compere, K/P

   Andy Witten, P

Moravian College

Muhlenberg College

Susquehanna University

Ursinus College

College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin (CCIW)

Augustana College (IL)

Carroll University (WI)

   Donnie Dawson, K

Carthage College

Elmhurst College

Illinois Weslyan University

Millikin University

   Reed Raibley, K

North Central College

North Park University

Wheaton College (IL)

Commonwealth Coast Conference

Becker College

Curry College

Endicott College

University of New England

Nichols College

Salve Regina University

Western New England University

Eastern Collegiate Football Conference (ECFC)

Alfred State College

Anna Maria College

   Luis Gustavo, K

Castleton University

Gallaudet University

Husson University

Mount Ida College

SUNY Maritime

Empire 8 Conference (E8)

Alfred University

SUNY Brockport

Buffalo State College

SUNY Cortland State

Hartwick College

St. John Fisher College

SUNY Morrisville State

   Max Falkner, K

   Ryan Jackson, LS/DE

Utica College

Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference (HCAC)

Anderson University (IN)

Bluffton University

Defiance College

Earlham College

Franklin College (IN)

Hanover College

Manchester University (IN)

Mount St. Joseph University

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (IIAC)

Buena Vista University

Central College (IA)

Coe College

University of Dubuque

Loras College

Luther College

Simpson College

Wartburg College

   Ryan Huffman, K

Nebraska Wesleyan University

Liberty League

Hobart College

Ithaca College

   Brian Fallon, K

University of Rochester

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

   Conor MacDougall, K

St. Lawrence University

Union College

Middle Atlantic Conference (MAC)

Albright College

Alvernia University

Delaware Valley University

Farleigh Dickingson University

King's Collge (PA)

Lebanon Valley College

Lycoming College

Misericordia University

   Nicholas Neidlinger, K

Stevenson University

   Matt Gannon, LS

Widener University

Wilkes University

   David Kutteroff, K

Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference (MASCAC)

Bridgewater State University

Fitchburg State University

Framingham State University

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Plymouth State University

Western Connecticut State University

Westfield State University

Worcester State University

Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA)

Adrian College

   Austin Behnke, K

   Cooper West, K

Albion College

Alma College

Finlandia Univeristy

Hope College

Kalamazoo College

Olivet College

Trine University

Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC)

Augsburg College

Bethel University (MN)

Carleton College

Concordia College (MN)

   J.J. Lord, LS

Gustavus Adolphus College

Hamline University

St. John's University (MN)

St. Olaf College

   Ethan March, K

Univeristy of St. Thomas (MN)

   Tyler Cullen, K/P

Midwest Conference (MWC)

Beloit College

University of Chicago

   John McCormick, K

Cornell College (IA)

Grinnell College

Illinois College

Knox College (IL)

Lake Forest College

Lawrence University

Macalester College

Monmouth College (IL)

Ripon College

St. Norbert College

Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference (NACC)

Aurora University

Benedictine University

Concordia University (IL)

Concordia University (WI)

Lakeland University

Rockford University

Wisconsin Lutheran College

North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC)

Allegheny College

Denison University

DePauw University

Hiram College

Kenyon College

Oberlin College

Ohio Wesleyan University

Wabash College

   Peyton Howe, K/P

Wittenberg University

   Ethan Gordin, K

College of Wooster

New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC)

Amherst College

Bates College

Bowdoin College

Colby College

Hamilton College

Middlebury College

   Zachary Moore, K

Trinity College (CT)

Tufts University

Weslyan College

Williams College

   Andrew Schreibstein, K

New England Women's & Men's Athletic Conference (NEWMAC)

Catholic University of America

​   Tyler Cobb, LS

Coast Guard Academy

Maine Maritime Academy

Merchant Marine Academy

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

   Hayden Rome, K/P

Norwich University

Springfield College (MA)

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC)

Christopher Newport University

College of New Jersey

Frostburg State University

Kean University

Montclair State University

Rowan University

Salisbury University

Southern Virginia University

Wesley College (DE)

   Joshua Windsor, LS

William Paterson University

Northwest Conference (NWC)

George Fox University

Lewis & Clark College

Linfield College

Pacific University (OR)

   Wyatt Rech, LS

Pacific Lutheran University

   Wyatt Winkle, LS

University of Puget Sound

   Ben Coletta, K/P

Whitworth University

Willamettte University

Ohio Athletic Conference (OAC)

Baldwin-Wallace University

Capital University

Heidelberg University

John Carroll University

   Andy Han, K

   Quinton Kulak, K/P

Marietta College

   Vittorio Orsini, K

University of Mount Union

   Drew Alessandro, K

   Shane Tomlin, LS

Muskingum University

   Gavin Costello, K/P

Ohio Northern University

Otterbein University

   Trent Grotelueschen, LS

Wilmington College (OH)

Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC)

Bridgewater College

Emory & Henry College

Ferrum College

Guilford College

Hampden-Sydney College

Randolph-Macon College

Shenandoah University

Washington & Lee University

Presidents' Athletic Conference (PAC)

Bethany College

Carnegie Mellon University (UAA) (PAC)

Case Western Reserve University (UAA) (PAC)

Geneva College

Grove City College

St. Vincent College

Thiel College

Washington & Jefferson College

   Adam Napotnik, K

Waynesburg University

Westminster College (PA)

Southern Athletic Association (SAA)

Austin College

   Kade Kienzle, LS

Berry College

   Alec Earp, K

   Sage Costen, K/P

Birmingham Southern College

Centre College

Hendrix College

Millsaps College

Rhodes College

   Michael Shible, LS

Sewanee University of the South

Trinity University (TX)

   Patrick Hensley, K

   Charlie Sheppard, K

   Zach Klotz, LS

Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Association (SCIAC)

California Lutheran University

Chapman University

   Spencer Corona, K/P

   Connor Gallegos, LS

Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges

   Grant Braught, P

University of La Verne

Occidental College

Pomona-Pitzer Colleges

Univeristy of the Redlands

   Jackson Karr, K

Whittier College

University Athletic Association (UAA)

Carnegie Mellon University (UAA) (PAC)

Case Western Reserve University (UAA) (PAC)

Washington University (MO)

Upper Midwest Athletic Conference (UMAC)

Crown College (MN)

Eureka College

Greenville University

Iowa Wesleyan College

MacMurray College

Martin Luther College

University of Minnesota Morris

University of Northwestern St. Paul

Colleg of St. Scholastica

Westminster College (MO)

USA South Athletic Conference (USA SOUTH)

Averett University

Brevard College

Greensboro College

Huntingdon College

   Jacob Kingsford, K/P

LaGrange College

Maryville College

Methodist University

   Hunter Baldwin, K

North Carolina Wesleyan College

Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (WIAC)

University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

   Michael Livingston, K

   Cole Dunbar, LS

University of Wisconsin La Crosse

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

University of Wisconsin Platteville

   Ross Mathews, LS

University of Wisconsin River Falls

University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

University of Wisconsin Stout

University of Wisconsin Whitewater

   Dylan Ashbeck, P/K


Thomas More College (2019, NAIA)

Keystone College (2019)



Frontier Conference

Carroll College

Eastern Oregon University

College of Idaho

   Jacob Torres, LS

Montana State University Northern

Montana Tech University

   Cory Davis, K (signed 2/15/18)

   Cody Gagnon, K

University of Montana Western

Rocky Mountain College

   Jacori Wooten, K

Southern Oregon University

Great Plains Athletic Conference (GPAC)

Briar Cliff University

Concordia University Nebraska

Dakota Wesleyan University

Doane University

   Holden Stengel, K/LB (signed 2/26/18)

   Raul Rojas, K

   Jeremy Henning, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

   Cole Carmody, LS/TE (signed 2/7/18)

   Reece Deering, LS/WR (signed 2/7/18)

Dordt College

   Zeke Zaragoza, LS (signed 2/7/18)

Hastings College

University of Jamestown

   Sean Fenelon, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

   Daniel Deck, LS (signed 2/7/18)

   Conrad Volsch, LS/DE (signed 2/7/18)

Midland University

Morningside College

Northwestern College

Heart of America Athletic Conference (HAAC)

North Division

Benedictine College

   Matthew Heinrich, K (signed 2/16/18)

   Stephen Personelli, K (signed 2/12/18)

   Chris Logan, LS

Culver-Stockton College

Graceland University

Grand View University

   Derek Nixon, LS

Peru State College

William Penn University

South Division

Baker University

Central Methodist University

Evangel University

MidAmerica Nazarene University

Missouri Valley College

   Jimmy Lahram, K (signed 2/7/18)

   Chandler Jones, LS

Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference (KCAC)

Avila University

Bethany College

Bethel College

Friends University

Kansas Wesleyan University

McPherson College

Ottawa University Kansas

University of Saint Mary

Southwestern College

Sterling College

Tabor College

Mid-South Conference (MSC)

Appalachian Division

Bluefield College

University of the Cumberlands

   Anthony  Velasquez K

   Riley Woods K

   Heath Crabtree LS

   Marcus Kelley K

University of Pikeville

   Brayden Price, K (signed 2/12/18)

Point University

Reinhardt University

   Noah Stephens, K (signed 2/8/18)

   Sam Dudley, LS/LB (signed 2/8/18)

   Austin Jones, LS/TE (signed 2/8/18)

St. Andrews University

Union College

   Seth Burke, P/K (signed 2/10/18)

Bluegrass Division

Bethel University

   Cole Miller, K (signed 2/10/18)

   Cosmin Diaconu, K/P

Campbellsville University

Cincinnati Christian University

   Nebiyu Alemayehu, LS (signed 2/7/18)

Cumberland University

   Aidan Brock, LS

Georgetown College

Kentucky Christian University

Lindsey Wilson College

   Christian Dissell, P/LB

Sun Division

Ave Maria University

Edward Waters College

Faulkner University

   Jackson Bruno, K (signed 2/10/18)

Keiser University

   Jarrett Mills, K/P

Southeastern University

Warner University

Webber International University

Mid-States Football Association (MSFA)


Concordia University Michigan

Indiana Wesleyan University

   Ben VonGunten, K (signed 1/3/18)

Lindenwood University Belleville

Marian University

   Merrick Strykowski, K (signed 2/7/18)

Missouri Baptist University

Siena Heights University

Taylor University

University of Saint Francis (IN)


Olivet Nazarene University

Robert Morris University

   Tim Branneky, K (signed 2/7/18)

Saint Xavier University

St. Ambrose University

   Tom Gillen, K

Trinity International University

University of St. Francis (IL)

   Tony DeLillo, LS

North Star Athletic Association (NSAA)

Dakota State University

   Connor Wilson, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

Dickinson State University

   Jace Johnson, K/WR (signed 2/7/18)

   Jeremiah Paine, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

Mayville State University

Presentation College

Valley City State University

Waldorf College

Sooner Athletic Conference (SAC)

Arizona Christian University

   Manuel Higuera, K (signed 4/16/18)

   Trevor Sablan, LS (signed 2/7/18)

Langston University

Lyon College

Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Ottawa University Arizona

   Taylor Campbell, K (signed 1/4/18)

   Joshua Orozco, K/P

Southwestern Assemblies of God University

Texas College

Texas Wesleyan University

   Kade Dixon, K

   Jake Smith, K/P (signed 2/7/18)

Wayland Baptist University

Independent & Future

Clarke University (2019)

Lawrence Technological University (MSFA, 2019)

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